Before & After Photos

My House

Before the paint job….Xmas lights up for all to see…

IMG_3531House halfway painted

House paintedHouse painted2


The Shed


IMG_3690photo 2photo 1

The Bathroom

Current bathroom, a windowless box…..



The new bathroom is going into this room, which is used as a playroom.

20130627-163748.jpg  20130627-164041.jpg

Demo Bathroom3 Demo Bathroom2 Demo Bathroom1 Demo Bathroom5

New Hallway

The current hallway has a dog leg, this is going to be removed to create a linen cupboard and to make the bathroom larger.

Hallway2 Hallway Hallway1Demo Bathroom5Looking to hallway3 Looking to hallway2Looking to hallway


KItchen/Dining/Living as it stands:

As we’re postponing renovations until next year (it was all getting a bit rushed and carried away) I spent an entire day rearranging my kitchen/dining/lounge, I figure I may as well make it feel a bit nicer if i’m stuck with it for a while longer.

By postponing we can start choosing products, colours etc without ending up picking the wrong stuff in haste.  (Something which I know I can easily do).  I think by holding off and taking our time the process will become so much more enjoyable, and hey whats another year in the scheme of things!

This is how the room looked before my minor rearrangement:

IMG_0081 IMG_0078 IMG_0072 IMG_0076

After…(didn’t buy anything, just worked with what I already had)

IMG_0795 IMG_0790 IMG_0786 IMG_0794

IMG_0798 IMG_0799 IMG_0797 IMG_0800  IMG_0791

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    Love that harp Sa!

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