Seen these gorgeous houses which are inspirational for me…..

The Block NZ….loved Ben & Libby’s living room, by far the best in my mind!






I’m obsessed with long glassed hallways or called ‘Galleries’ if you want to sound flash…..

The long glassed hallways/galleries, really make me question our plans.  Even though we have council approval, part of me is wondering if we should revisit our plans and copy this sort of style.  This could work as our kitchen/dining in the plans will be south facing.  Should we create a pavillion with a kitchen/dining/living, looking back to the ‘sleeping quarters’, we would then have our north facing aspect…..

Not a silly idea really and then we could look back at the kids in their living room, while we have a bit of separation!  Very wow looking!

Argggg, help!!!

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