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About the Reno….

Something is wrong with me!

I’m obsessed with another house!!

What is wrong with me, we’ve only just finished renovating our house to a beautiful state and I’m already thinking of selling and moving onto the next project!

My poor husband is having heart palpitations at the mere mention of another property, but how do I stop myself and my impulsive urges???

Ok so my new obsession is only 5 minutes away, has a view over the local park and playing fields, is North/West facing but and this is the big but, it is fairly old and needs renovating…….(and would I have it any other way?)

If we were to buy it and it is worth significantly less than our house, we would need to live in it for 5 years as it is before we could pull it down and build our dream home….we would release a large chunk of capital which would free us up to concentrate on other projects (yes other renovations).

Doesn’t sound bad really does it, however the one kicker is the auction is this Saturday and it will sell in the words of the Real Estate Agent I’ve been harassing “the vendors are very motivated to cash out, so I will be bringing a sold sticker with me on Saturday”

Front of House

View from housejpg

Hobsonville Point Farmers Market

IMG_0306 IMG_0305

I arrived to late, but it was a first for me discovering the Hobsonville Markets after a little drive around to check out the development going on there.

I’ve gotta say, its a really lovely spot and I can see why people would buy there, but unfortunately the houses are squashed in with sites of around 235sqm with virtually no gardens.  I think if you want low maintenance, well you’ll get it there, nice modern homes, little courtyards, lovely new primary and high school…probably a very smart place to invest for future equity growth.

The farmers market is set in the old RAF barracks, now mainly derelict, soon making way for development, there are still signs of the previous life it had especially when we passed the sign saying ‘Stop – troop movement’.  In which we saw one solitary troop 1 minute later followed by a bunch of gormless looking trainees learning the haka and very badly by the looks of it.

Its really cool, the markets are right next to the Upper Habour inlet housed in an old warehouse, where the ferries come in.  So you could prob jump on a ferry and catch a ride here…IMG_0303 IMG_0295 IMG_0302

I’m aiming to go back to the markets to try them out one weekend when the weather is a tad warmer.

On another note the house is pretty much finished inside….yippeeee, the painters are attempting to work on the outside (well once it stops raining)….

This weekend, I’ll post some picts up of the inside for you to see.  I’m loving my massive kitchen and am (much to my husbands dismay), planning the next stage…..extending the second story….but thats another day, and another plan and another blog…..

Chow bella, Sa x

Where do I start?

cute girl

Yesterday I was up at the baby birds school pickup parking when I happened to park across the road from a lovely school mum.  As we sat there with our car windows down talking across the road to each other she mentioned my blog and it dawned on me how long its been since i’ve been online.  I’ve become a bit of a slack arse in updating this blog.  I think with the overwhelming nature of my renos, I lost my way and my head a wee bit…..geeze its a very full on project with most weekends spend searching out ‘the perfect light’, deciding on doors and carpets (heavens my life is hard!).

Whats happening now in the house of sawdust?

Well floors have been resurrected for a small fortune and have been sanded and are being polished as I write this.   My new cavernous living/kitchen/dining is finished with the kitchen is almost, and I say almost, almost, allllllmooooost finished, the plumbers just need to hook up the water so I can wash (or my dishwasher can) the dishes that have accumulated on my pristene white benches and can finally that fridge that has been living in the lounge can be welcomed with open arms into the kitchen with its fellow appliances.

These photos are the old junk room/laundry prior to my kitchen inhabiting it:

IMG_2753 IMG_1553 IMG_1547IMG_1485 IMG_1576 IMG_1576IMG_1987 IMG_1911 IMG_1910











And now, waalaa, hey presto:


IMG_2204IMG_2210I’m just itching to get into my kitchen and start acting like a woman who can cook.  I’m kinda hoping that somehow in having a new kitchen I will wake up overnight with new skills that have just appeared overnight.  I’ll be able to whip up a soufle’, well maybe thats a bit ambitious, but maybe I’ll make something that will impress ‘he who earns the money’ and my baby birds….

Now i’ve got this massive open plan area i need to fill it, I think i’ll need to pick up extra hours at work to pay for all the fun stuff, like my new sofa (opps it just ordered itself) and the rugs I have my eye on, hmmm that’ll take a year worth of saving for that baby….

Right my next post will show you the floors and my lovely open plan area, so get ready for it…..

Sa x

We’re on the home straight….

house12Wow, its been a busy few months.

We got back a couple of weeks ago from a month gallivanting in the UK and France.

The old girl had really started to take shape even though it seemed to me that it would never happen.

This Week……

The builders kicked us out a couple of weeks ago and have been working frantically day and night in an attempt to finish our baby who has now pretty much been rebuilt.

This old house has been given more than a new dress!

house1She now is fully insulated in every room downstairs, partially double glazed (in the new living/kitchen/dining), has been completely replumbed, rewired, regibbed, repainted, rekitchened, refloored, about to be sanded and restained before the final touches of new carpet will be added.


I suppose you want to see photos.  Now bear in mind we haven’t finished, things are still happening, lights will go in next week, eek struggling to make a decision on my living room lights…..but never mind that, all that matters is the painters in there for the next 10 days and I get to see my new shiny kitchen this weekend!!  yahoooo



Entre’ windows…

While I’ve been away it appears lots has been happening (thank god).   The windows are in, sliders go in on Monday, hopefully gibstopping is fine and ‘basin gate’ has been sorted out!!!

I’m rather excited about making the long flight home to see what improvements have been made at the ole homestead!




Chugging along…

Hi there,

I’m back again after a busy stint away.  As I type this I have one child practising her clarinet, one chattering away and the boy child balancing on his scooter, also talking to me at the same time as his sister.

Oh how we learn to switch off.  I swore to myself when I was a child, I’d never switch off like my mother seemed to have the ability to do.  I would be different, I would listen and multi task at the same child (she says this as the kids unfortunately spotted the old skateboards I threw in the skip and are all hoevering around me crying while I placate them with ‘dad will get them out in morning’.

Anyway, whats happening in our house?  Well the bathroom is almost, almost, almost done.  Shocker I know, shouldn’t take 4 months!  But our dodgy builders, whom we had to fire, who I will add also have ended up almost doubling the cost, just made the whole process take a billion times longer.

The tiles are up, the painting finishes tomorrow, lighting in and then the fittings go in Thursday!!!  I’ll be bathing in luxury this weekend, though no glass screen until next week, I’m prepared to make that sacrifice, just as long as there is a door on with a lock may I add to ensure total privacy while I relax and breath in the new minted paint fumes mixing with my luxiourious bubble bath..

I’m sure you want to see photos….


A difficult week..

Wow what a week its been.  I’ve just spent about 3 hours tonight searching for a new theme for my blog as the old one hadn’t been updated for a while by the programmer so wasn’t working properly.

It’s a bit of a bummer as I really liked the colourful theme, but I think that’s my queue to learn a bit more about customising my blog, so please bear with me while I figure it out.

So the main news of the week from me is that we have moved to new builders.  Yes, I know its awful and why on earth did we do that?? Well as much as I liked the previous builders its been 10 weeks and still no bathroom.  Yes, seriously still no bloody bathroom!

I mean com’on Sarah, whats the fuss, its only been 10 weeks and a serious budget overrun!  What’s your problem? (or so the old builders asked).

It wasn’t a bundle of laughs passing the news on, I’ve had a nasty text from our builder and Si has had words with the big boss, or should I say the guy just talked at Si about how ‘out of line’ we were and ‘what bad people’ we are, he didn’t really want to hear what we had to say, not at all about the fact they have significantly gone over budget as well as double the time they told us it would take.  I did I mention they weren’t prepared to give us a fixed price for the rest of the house, how silly of me to think they would cause the same overruns with the rest of the house.  Shite if it takes 10 weeks for a bathroom, how long would the rest of the house take?

Anyway, enough of my angst, the new builders start this Tuesday, whew, I can breathe a sigh of relief as I know we’re in very experienced capable hands…..

So now for the fun part, some photos of where the bathroom is at, Sa x

bathroom2 Bathroom cabinet

A stunning day…


I’ve been absent for a while, life has been busy with work, school and renovations, blah blah, first world problems right?  I thought i’d make the most of my second child free friday and update my blog, while I sit on the front porch watching people go past.

I count myself lucky i’m able to do all of this, last night I watched 20/20, they ran a segment on this poor man who has terminal cancer and he counts his blessings that he has been alive long enough to see his baby daughter born.  It really makes you have a bit of perspective on things doesn’t it?

So this morning, while my house was crawling with various workers, I caught up with some lovely local mums for a coffee on the beach in the lovely summer sun.

One of the mums Amber and i got chatting about fitness and she mentioned she was going for a cycle, so I joined in, me on my new retro bike, Amber on her hubbys, and we cycled into town……how cool is that!  Amber stopped off for a swim at Parnell Baths on the way home and as much as I’d love to join her I’ve got a mission to complete shortly.

I’m heading back to Britomart to BoConcept to pick up my bathroom light, yes my baaaaathroom light that i have only been waiting about 2 months for!  A bit of a story behind it, they rung me last week to tell me the shipment was delayed   another 6 weeks, boo hoo as if i haven’t waited enough.  When I said ‘not good enough’ they somehow magic’ed up a light from somewhere with a discount as it apparently it was on display.  I’ll def be checking that one over carefully…..

Right I’d better get going, first stop is my neighbours to help her with her pc issues and then Britomart and hopefully while i’m out the builders will turn up for the council pre-line inspection (plumbing) that has been put off twice already…..

See ya,

Sa x

Goodbye old bathroom

Though you’ve been useful, your never been a good friend of mine. With your lack of natural light and annoying door which opens into the hallway giving black eyes on an unfortunately regular basis.

I’m sorry to be so frank, you have given us a good serviceable 8 years for which I am grateful, but now we must part ways.




THE Bathroom


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, I kinda lost the urge, slack I know. Life has been busy with holidays, children and just random stuff.

I’m excited to report that while I sit upstairs on my bed nursing my poor mouth after an early root canal this morning, the builders are banging away downstairs.

Da Da!  Yes, finally we have started SOMETHING, yes, by the end of Feb I will be luxuriating in my devine tub!  Everything, well almost everything is organised, fixtures, fittings, hot water heat pump, tiles, rah rah rah.

It’ll be demo work mainly this week and god knows what next week. Stay in touch for updates and photos of the devastation caused to my grand old lady before the restoration starts.

Talking of grand old ladies, this house def is, we’ve uncovered scrim on the walls and hidden ceilings in true bungalow style. This house was built in 1927, I am seriously in love with the old ceilings and hidden crevices the builders have been uncovering. So much more interesting, though not appealing to all, than a custom built spec house. Once we re insulate add our new double glazed windows, she will cosy and warm for the winter.  I’ve always been a Villa fan though a modern contemporary Villa I must clarify, I’m not a die hard, keep the traditional colours and ALL details type of girl.  I’m more a wooden floors, detailed skirtings, ceilings and the like.

Ok, time to go check what has been removed now. I’ve taken a few Picts to show you what they’ve done. In particular, I love the one taken from where the front door will be looking down where the new hallway will be..


Existing Bathroom                                                          Soon to be bathroom

Old bathroom1Prebathroom2










Demolition has started!

Demo Bathroom3 Demo Bathroom2 Demo Bathroom1 Demo Bathroom5 Looking to hallway3 Looking to hallway2 Looking to hallway


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