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Today was a busy school holidays day….

My Dad decided we needed an adventure, so we trundled off on the bus from my house into the city to catch a ferry across the seas (for a whole 10 mins) to Devonport for Fish and Chips on the beach, or better known to non-kiwis Fush and Chips!

IMG_0047 IMG_0048Just after we jumped off the bus at town and were dragging 5 children down to the ferry building I spied a coffee shop!  Yes, just what I needed to rebuild my already frazzled nerves!!!  How on earth people have more than 3 kids permanently will never cease to amaze me!

As we pulled the kids towards the ferry building, I spotted a cafe, well more like I spotted a coffee machine.

You may remember my blog about ‘The Hauraki Store’ and saw my photo of their beautiful shiny yellow coffee machine.  Well this one was (as below) a criss cross pattern of yellow, black and white, and I am seriously in love with it!

IMG_0031How cool is it!!  Never seen one like that before!

This little cafe has been open for around 2 months the barista told me.  With the name Dogmatic, which now makes sense to me, given their hotdog fetish, it is a tiny little place with a great fitout.  It really makes me wish my new job was in the city near this place just so I could pop by everyday for my fix and just to admire it.

IMG_0043 IMG_0042I wish I’d got more background, but another person came in who looked as desperate as I was for coffee, so I forewent my desire to learn more about this place…oooh how unselfish of me!

Typical ‘Keep Calm and…..’ poster, but I like their take, eat hot dogs?  Now that is something my kids could sympathise with.


Even their coffee cups were a work of art…sorry about my spillage on the side, sacrilege!

IMG_0038 IMG_0046

Now for the line up of their lights as you all know I have a fascination with retro lights….Even though every light was different, they still kinda matched.

IMG_0034 IMG_0033 IMG_0032



















Funky artwork, hmmm love some of this in my ‘dream gallery style hallway’



The menu, they really do ‘do’ hotdogs.  Who knew you could get 11 versions of hotdog.  I particularly like the ‘Slum Dog’…



Believe it or not this visit only took a mere 10 minutes, then we whisked the baby birds away to Devonport, on a showery, often sunny Auckland day.  What a perfect day, and great adventure for kids.  Sa x

IMG_0050 IMG_0060 IMG_0057 IMG_0051

School’s almost out….

It’s that time again that fills some of us with dread, but me relief and respite from the mundane-ness (is that really a word) of school lunches, after school activities and washing uniforms… Public school holidays run blissfully from next week 13 – until 28 July. There was a little Council flyer that arrived in my letterbox giving the low… Read more →

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