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An Interior of another kind

I’ve been called in to help modernise our building.

Wait, what building I hear you ask? We are the part owners of a 4 storey commercial building in central Takapuna and while she’s a little gem, (though when the GFC hit we may not have been so charitable in our thinking), she’s a wee bit tired on the outside and entrance lobby.

Anyway, the boys (Si and our partner) have asked me to help choose colours for the external tidy up and paint plus a minor refurb of the lobby…lucky me!!! Great practise!

Before Picts





So we’ll update the tiles, that’s the least we can do, and I’m thinking a beautiful big pendant light in the main entrance with a smaller one or two by the lifts…and then poss down the track we’ll replace the wooden panels with some amazing flocked wallpaper or something equally funky that I can hunt down.

Watch this space for some more before and after pictures!

And my house?
I’m pleased to report we’ll be ready to go to council in a couple of weeks and go out for quotes/to tender (eek the scary part). I had fun choosing a fireplace today, a lovely wood burning one, of course is the most expensive one, but it’s clean burning which is a council requirement, and as he who earns ALL the money at the moment is in love with wood fires, it’s the least I can add, right?????

Better love you and leave you,
Sa x

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