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What a day!

This is what I saw when I went out first thing this morning…..



Has a lovely coffee after baby bird drop offs, then returned home to see my front door wide open….I am the only culprit and luckily the beasties were locked on the upstairs deck. Nothing taken, shows what a reasonably safe neighbourhood we live in….or just that I was lucky this time!!

I’m now having a treat. A treat at my fav hairdressers Style Counsel in Newmarket where the lovely Shannon is doing his best to cover my greys, premature I must say!!!!

Geeze it was a pain in the arse driving here roadworks all over the place in Newmarket….

20130625-124237.jpg  20130625-124245.jpg  20130625-124252.jpg

I’ll pop back with a photo of my gorgeous hair do when it’s done…..nothing like getting your hair done to help you feel better right???? I’m on antibiotics for the sinus infection, though my lovely doctor said yesterday not to fill the script unless I really needed to, well mamma needs drugs!!!

Sa x

One down, one to go….

It was the 6 year olds party on the weekend. You would have thought 12 children for two hours would be exhausting, I’m surprised to say they were pretty amazing! Perhaps it’s the massive trampoline dominating my garden or the playfort structure, I realize how lucky my children are to have so much. When I grew up, we had a… Read more →

Good things take time…..

Oh yes they do.  One the eve of my darling second borns 6th birthday, I’m contemplating things.

Things like where have the last 6 years gone?  During that 6 years I have been 30, which now seems young and given birth to two more children.  I’ve worked full-time, worked part-time, been a stay at home mum, moved to Singapore and then back again to Auckland and had a few dramas go down with dodgy tradesmen.

I have made some amazing new friends and held onto some fabulous old ones including the one that lets me lock the door at night.

There was a time when ‘he who earns the money’ and I were well known for moving house.  When we bought our first little house in Grey Lynn we very unaware we were ‘astutely buying’.  When 2 years later we upgraded to a beautiful villa down the road, we were stuck with the first house only as it had devalued so much we couldn’t afford to sell it.    Fancy that in Grey Lynn aye!  Amazing how time changes, because 5 years later we caught the lifestyler bug and sold both for a ridiculously high amount and irrationally bought a 26 acre block out in Woodhill.

On the face of it, it seemed perfect, massive house, massive garage, massive pool, massive land!  As people who struggled to mow even an average sized city lawn we were doomed from the start.  To top it off a bad bout of food poisoning which turned out to be Isabella and a trip back in time to the very outdated Helensville; we realised we were citysiders (so clique I know!)   We lasted 3 months, though it must be stated ‘he who earns the money’ is convinced is was only 6 weeks…….

Off to Mt Eden we went.  To a very 80’s villa on a small site, where alot of money later, during which isabella arrived, our little villa became a beautiful modern home.  Let me tell you, a 6 month old spewing all over our new carpet makes you realise pretty fast a new house isn’t ideal with a chucky bubby.

Which brings me back to this old 100 year old house whose walls aren’t plumb, where a family lives and loves.

Renovation Update

Our plans are still in at Council, and while I’d usually be pacing the floor, pulling my hair out, waiting for the phone to ring with the ‘thumbs up’, I feel strangely relaxed.  Yes, ME, relaxed!!!!

The Council came back to us last week with the update that we are in a flood zone.  A flood zone you say?  We have been in the happy position of having to lift the extension up to the height of the rest of the house.  My dreams of walking straight out to the grass are now replaced by something else, don’t know what yet but I’m sure it will work itself out.

Sa x

I love cafes


I’ve just been to a cool new cafe on the shore. Freshly opened on Monday and owned by Hauraki locals Greg and Jennine, The Hauraki Store is another indication of how much Aucklanders and Auckland have spread their wings and taken the plunge over the last few years.

Just over three years ago I was happy to leave Auckland and head to Singapore for a year.  It was cold and really felt rather boring to me at the time.  Maybe that was me, in fact I think it was, I was working full time with three young children, battling a dodgy gate saga and awful complaining neighbours.  Sorry Auckland, on re reading this it wasn’t your fault I fell out of love with you, I just fell out of love with my life.

When I returned on the eve of the Rugby World Cup, I discovered Auckland had seemed to change.  It went in my eyes from those comfy old shoes that you know will always be there to a new place full of expectations of style and quality (excluding the awful asian cheapie shops on Queen street of course).


My first foray was Wynyard Quarter, where I was blown away with the effort gone into creating an area all Aucklanders can visit.  Next up was with the opening of ‘The Store’ by Scott and Jacki right across the road from home, plus the reinvention of Britomart, Imperial Lane and the likes, I’ve decided I am firmly in love with my home city and insist those involved with making it one of the worlds most ‘livable cities’ need to stand up and take a bow!

Back to The Hauraki Store:

This place has a really cool history. Greg, the vision behind it tells me it used to be a butchery that he walked past often as a young lad….how cool is that!  Same places, new things right!


In order to retain some of the original character they enlisted the help of an interior design firm who came up with some cool ideas such as wallpaper that looks like concrete and a beautiful pressed iron ceiling that they tell me was a bugger to put up.


Jennine and Greg were very welcoming upon my visit and seemed pleased I’d made the trip from the city side especially with the purpose of visiting them.  They were eager for feedback and happy to share they were exceeding their expectations in their first week of finding their feet.  I find it so awesome to hear the local community is embracing this couples new venture.  And i’ve gotta say Charlotte my youngest gave the thumbs up to the huge chocolate coated fluffy they generously gave her.

Coffee, Food & Interiors

I know I’m not exactly a coffee connoisseur but I know what I like, a strong intense flavour, which is what I got here from their choice of Allpress coffee beans.  Along with my yummy, extremely well priced chicken baguette I was pretty happy.

What brought me over to the shore in the first place?  Well my love of interiors really, I mean check out their coffee machine!  Funnily enough I saw it on Facebook through a good friend, along with photos of their the work they were doing and just had to go to see for myself…

hmmmm maybe my future will be trying out all the funky Auckland cafes and showing them to you all …….ha ha ha, what better way to get around the city right and indulge my love of cafes, coffees & interiors…..


Sa x

Writing for the sake of it….

talking-headsI just feel like talking….

Those who know me a little and well, will know this is nothing new….I am in fact, well known for not being able to shut up….

I want to talk about this blog and why I’m doing it. Not just to keep those near and dear to me both overseas and close up to date on my constant ramblings.  Ramblings about my house and the beautiful things I materialistically covert along the way, yes its the magpie hiding inside, I don’t want just one, I want three!!!!

It’s an opportunity to dip my toes into the pool of blogging and social media.  Social Media is a massively growing phenomina, one I find fascinating but scarily mind blowing with the array of various mediums out there.  So far I have come across, Internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, microblogging, wikis, social networks, podcasts, so in other words: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, YouTube, mySpace, blah blah, you get the picture i’m sure. My point is this blog is a learning experiment that will hopefully morph into a different beast as I crowd my already busy brain with new information.

One thing i’ve particularly noticed alot of my facebook friends have been doing is ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ these random pictures.

FB Positive Quotes 1

In my ignorance I worry about sharing or liking this stuff, what does it mean for me?  Will i be opening my information and profile up for any weirdo, crazy, fish faced person to send me random freakish emails or whatever they can send (see I am ignorant in that I don’t even know what ‘cyber’ threats they could treat me to).

So thats what I’m going to figure out, will I get spammed, probably.  Will I make mistakes and muck up how my page looks, lose you all, yup without a doubt.

Geeze, look at the time, gotta make dinner for the small people with grumbling tummies.

Catch you later, Sa x

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