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Where to from here?

IMG_1544I’ve spent the last week in Queenstown kicking myself for not making it down there sooner.

I mean my oldest friend has only lived there for the past 4 years, is that not an excuse to get down there?

So coming back from my week-long ski adventure has got me thinking about what I want to do with my life and what sort of person I want to be.

Do I want to keep working as a Management Accountant?  I mean enjoy it, especially the Excel Modelling side of things, however what I am really doing?  Just working for another company?  Trying to make my family ‘fit’ around a corporate machine?  Surely I must be able to use my time and skills in a more fulfilling way?

I know I want to be a good person, a person who cares for others, a person who my children can look up to and hopefully be inspired by in some way or form…

I want to be calm and somewhat serene-like (if that really is possible) as I often barely stop for a breath, rushing here and there…

I want to listen to what people have to say…

I know I love design and the sociability of design, be it social media or just anything.  I see art everywhere (sorry if that sounds a bit wanky, I can’t quite think of how to phrase that one)…

I tell the children in my sons class when we are doing art, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  They are often so critical of their efforts, however I tell them there is no such thing as ‘bad’ art, it’s all subjective to what we see.

So as its time to go and pick up the baby birds, I’ll ponder on all I have written…..leaving it all slightly unfinished, hmmmm I think I like that…..

I’ll be back soon, Sa x


Amazing Weather

Wow, the weather has been stunning here in Auckland, especially given the slow start we had.  We decided to hang around all summer with the odd exception of a few overnights stays at friends holiday houses, a boat trip, day trips etc…..

Usually in Summer we find Auckland goes dead, this summer I’ve noticed it was only a few days either side of xmas, all the left over city dwellers head on down to Mission Bay (or our beach) to bake themselves and just enjoy the freedom only the christmas period brings.  Being a now seasoned beachsider, I’ve set myself up pretty well, i’ve got a sun umbrella, sun tent, picky blanket and beach trolley to pull it all down, easy as when you’re living 40 metres from the beach.

Holiday chat aside I’ve been thinking about what I can put my energy into now the main part of the reno is finished.  I’d like to do more, but at the mo given our huge overspend I’d better hold myself back and given ‘he who earns the money’ is no longer ‘he who earns the money’ as he’s started his own consultancy, I think I should be patient and wait…..

ha me be patient!  friends of mine who read this blog and know me well will laugh at this as I have never been known for that, more known for my impulsiveness and inability to keep things to myself!!!  I am trying this year to keep my mouth selectivley closed, I think they say mystery is interesting right???

Anyway I digress as per usual Sarah style…..this year I’ve decided to look into design courses much to the hubbys delight as he’s been pushing me to go into interiors, seems rather clique to me though, mum with 3 kids, used to be an accountant becomes an interior designer……

so i’m thinking either some kind of textile design or spacial design…….that is if there is something part time like this that I can get into, I NEED to channel my overzealousness and love of all things design.

Better go, i’m a bit hot and bothered after a power walk so need to freshen up for yet another social occasion and this one thankfully involved a pool!

Sa x

Loving Sydney’s little Houses

I’m over in Sydney for a brief weekend with my favourite sister and her partner, while my beloved parents tag team to keep the baby birds entertained.

‘He who is on gardening leave’ and I have been beating the footpaths, even making it to Ikea on Friday, where I saw some really cool industrial lights plus everything else….they have the most dizzying array of choice. I even considered the possibility of ordering a container load of products to bring back to cram into my house. Alas that is prob not to be, let’s hope they manage to finally bring the reality of IKEA to us.

Anyway, I’ve taken loads of shots of the beautiful little terrace houses around my sisters inner west federation home as we’ve walked around.

As I sit here in the sun in their little courtyard, typing to you while they talk crap and plan our day in the city, I feel very relaxed.  Excuse my terrible photos, I uploaded from my iPhone and not done a particularly good job….

imageimage image image

Sa x

My first ‘review’ request

AA026294I didn’t think i had many ‘firsts’ left in me, but when it comes to the world of blogging I certainly do.  Geeze, I make myself sound like an old lady instead of the spring chicken I am.  (tongue in cheek a wee bit there).

This week which was so disappointing for poor TNZ and the majority of NZ, I received an email.  What did the said email say?

The request was:

‘Would you be interested in being involved in National Nut Day this year on your blog?  National Nut Day is on Tuesday 22 October and it’s all about celebrating this nutritious and healthful natural food.

We were hoping you might like to write a unique nut recipe to post on you blog or review some new xxxx nuts (we will gladly send you samples from xxxxxx – just let us know which nuts you’d like to receive).

Please let me know if this is something you would like to do and I will send you some xxxxxxx products to get the creative juices flowing, along with more information about National Nut Day, and the benefits of eating nuts’

Nuts you say?  Write about nuts?  What would you say?  Well i guess I would talk about the benefits, make something out of this world that would blow your minds away and make you say ‘wow Sarah, you are the most amazing woman in the world’.  That aside, how fantastic is this and unfortunately for them and myself, I had to decline.  This brand is a competitor to my work, and I suppose one must be loyal to the ones who put some $$ in my bank account every 2 weeks.  I was even naive enough to ask the company lawyer if there was any chance, knowing the answer in advance, I think it was wishful thinking on my part that maybe, just maybe they might say ‘oh Sarah, go for it….’

I am wrapped to receive this request, even if it is for nuts.  I’m pretty partial to a cashew nut or two, though my points tracker on weightwatchers glows red every time I even think about the bloody tasty little morsels.  I’m glad someone is reading my blog and finds it interesting enough to send me an email, even if they want me to write a plug.

Now i’m a working girl again i’ve been finding it a bit hard to make the time to write, but I won’t abandon you and like all good things, you need to put the effort into it to get somewhere.  Talking of somewhere, If you want me to visit a cafe or would me to write about something you find interesting, drop me a line.  Give me an excuse to get out of my little suburb and into another and the opportunity to spread the word about the great places our there in our beautiful city (yes, I’m not restricted to cafes).

So for now I’ll keep up my incessant chatter about my house, cafes and most of all my upcoming bathroom renovation….

Have a good weekend, lets hope the weather forecasters are wrong and the sun comes out for us!

Sa x

PS.  Don’t forget to put your clocks forward kiwis this weekend as we ‘jump’ forward into spring.

Almost at 20,000 Visitors!


Wow, a good friend has just so kindly pointed out to me that I’m almost at 19-20,000 visits!

Yes that does make me happy, I know someone out there, probably my friends are reading my blogs and hopefully enjoying them.

What have I been up to?  Well in between work, children and coffee’ing with some of my lovely friends, I’ve been searching for slats for the new oldest childs new ‘old’ bed.  Its pretty hard to find something when you don’t have the exact measurements, I think I’ll have to hold tight and wait till it arrives.  The antique dealer tells me the courier will pick it up on Thursday, but it won’t reach us until sometime next week.

Whats is it going to be doing in that time?  Popping over to England to visit the new royal baby?  Surely it doesn’t take that long, I’m freaking a tad somewhat that it’ll get damaged on the way here.  Hmmmm I should enquire about transit insurance I suppose?  Is the bed worth enough to bother?

Anyway, I had lunch with ‘he who earns the money’, well that’s a bit redundant since I started back at work, it’s now ‘he AND she who earns the money’…and enjoying earning it I am.  I got my first pay on Saturday and it already went on clothes, a birthday pressie and a new car key for my car ($400!! would you believe!).

I’m already hanging out for the next one at the end of the month so I can perhaps shout myself a new duvet cover and cool yellow chevron towels that I’ve seen at Country Road…hmmmmm calm down Sarah!  So much for ‘lets save it all honey’, which was my big selling point on going back….whoops…next one maybe?

So what I was going to say was, I was taken to lunch at a Cafe by work with ‘he who earns most of the money’ last week and dutifully took photos and chatted to the lovely girls there.

I promised them I would write about it and have yet to live up to my end of the bargain!  So that will be my task over the next few nights….gotta give you something to come back for right??

Sa x

A bed is a bed, is a bed….

I admit I’ve been slack, sorry, but I’ve been busy and didn’t see the point in writing about nothing much.

Oops, you probably think, after reading my latest chat that’s exactly what I’m doing!

As our renovations are on hold while we rethink our entire plan (yes we are seriously close to getting new plans drawn up, after obtaining council consent on our current plans, we’ve fallen in love with the gallery hallway and living/bedrooms pavilions idea I saw last month at a property in Herne Bay).


And since we have a mishmash of extra rooms that are empty and unloved, we have decided to add a couple of foreign students to the mix, I mean you all know I’m a social kinda girl.  What better way to be social than having lovely young students to get to know.  Girls only of course, and yes we have done this before, and yes we are mad!

It would have been 4-5 years ago since we had foreign students and I’ve gotta say the kids loved having the different girls around.  For the 9-year-old it was like having a new big sister every 6 weeks, she was in a constant honeymoon period….just as the shine wore off, there was a new one to get a crush on.

For me it encouraged us to get out and about showing them around our sparkling city, seeing the city through their eyes.

Where did the a bed, is a bed is a bed statement come from?  You would have started to get it by now, given our upcoming lodgers, we’ll need to play a bit of musical beds….switching beds around so it all works seamlessly.

I figure a student will be happy with a king single bed, whilst my oldest gains a double bed.  Child 1 has happily agreed give up her king single bed in order to obtain a double bed.  The only catch is if the grandparents stay over she has to decamp into her brothers bunk bed….a horror she is already protesting against, though I would say it’s hardly a hardship as they are unlikely to stay less than once a month.

So after looking for 6 weeks for a lovely bed fit for the 9-year-old who often rules this house, one that she would grow into, I finally spotted this beauty online.  The only catch is its in Christchurch!


As you can see its got a couple of major flaws:

1. No slats

2. No mattress.

I figure the first one is easy to fix, I’ll go down to Bunnings or Mitre 10 with the exact measurements and get the guys there to cut me some pine planks to fit…sounds very primitive I know, but most slat beds have pine slats, not flexi slats.  In fact her current bed has just these.

The second part is proving to be a bit harder, I mean there are so many choices of mattresses out there, pillow top, coil, spring, geeze what to get!!!!  I think i should wait until the bed turns up and then check my measurements are right before ordering a good one.  Any advice on mattresses would be greatly welcome.

My other worry is, I’ve bought this sight unseen, I’ve put my fortune in the hands of the gods, I hope there are no more earthquakes and this bed arrives looking as good as it does in the photo.  I know I’m being worryingly optimistic, but with positive feedback of over 5,000, surely these guys have to be fairly honest traders.

I’ll keep you posted on when it arrives and will let you know what it looks like once its all set up.  254155783The 9-year-old is now redesigning her room, something I’m thinking could be a trial run for the new bedroom next year, she desires a chair for the corner of her room and New York scene wallpaper on the wall behind her new bed, I really should stop her watching ‘House Rules’.

Sa x


Yes I’m alive and kicking

20130802-065631.jpgI’ve been conspicuously quiet this week…

It’s all in the name of work, as you know I’ve been back in the land of biscuits. Sweet biscuits, crackers, chippies, muesli bars and the like.

Would you believe I haven’t let any of it pass to my lips! A feat if ever there was.

I thought I’d put this picture up, do you remember these??? I made it for Charlotte and then had a nice shouting ‘chat’ over our new phone…it lasted about an hour before the string had been pulled so tight it popped out leaving a hole the size of a 5cent coin.

On another note, there’s some really cool little cafes around the cnr from my office. I’ll skive off today to take photos of and put up to show you. They have somehow popped up in my year away from the office, replacing an old car mechanics, much prettier I’ve gotta say….

Ok, time to get myself glammed up for the biscuit boys……
Sa x

The Gods have other ideas for me!


I had planned to go out and about and sort out detailed quotes this morning….unfortunately the Gods decided I should spend the day at home….

‘He who earns the money’ tutu’ed off to Cardio Tennis at 6am this morning (don’t ask me what it is, something to do with a racket and sweat), so I got the baby birds sorted for school and into the car with the two pooches in tow…

Turned the key and lo and behold the engine wouldn’t start!  Must be a flat battery!  So baby birds and dogs out of the car and we got some fresh air walking to school.

I’m now sitting here waiting for my online shop.  For those of you that don’t do it, Countdown online is fantastic.  Even though I think the prices are prob not as cheap as in store, I still save money as I don’t impulse buy as i’m walking the aisle.  The best part of all is they deliver it right to my front door!!!  So much easier than dragging a 4 year old around the supermarket!!!

Not much else to report at this end apart from I’ve decided I should move into the bar across the road as i’ve already been there 3 x since it opened last week.  Opps, last night Jeremy the manager had a kick us out as we were the last ones there at 11.30pm last night, my husband is a very patient man.  Would you believe there were 50 women and 6 men!  Hmmmm must be a ‘ladies’ hang out….

Take care, and have a great weekend!

Sa x

On one last note please send me some pictures of some stuff you’ve done around the house or outside as I’d love to show them off to everyone!

A lovely weekend with a fantastic idea…

Hello all,

Wow, what a busy weekend it’s been for us with two birthday parties plus various other activities and one exciting suggestion from a dear friend.

My girlfriend Shelley, has suggested I add a page on my blog with other people’s renovations while I’m sorting mine out. What a fantastic idea Shell Shells…LOVE IT, and am going to do it, kicking off with Shelley’s recent new kitchen.  I owe you big time!

If anyone else is keen for me to showcase their renos, has before and after picts, just message me at

Yesterday, on our way to the shore for a bday party, we drove past the Parnell Baths and saw a huge crane being readied to hook the final piece of the puzzle up to the new bridge!  IMG_0379Yippeee, this means no more having to drive around past the Rose Gardens to get to the Baths this summer.  We always used to park on Tamaki Drive and walk over the bridge, but when the council decided to upgrade the 50-year-old plus bridge that which was well past its use by date, we were stuck making the 10 minute extra drive (shock horror!) for the summer.

The new bridge looks awesome, the engineers contracted by Auckland Council have done a fab job getting the look right.

IMG_0372I bent the ear of the lovely looking young engineers and discovered some random facts, someone might be interested in.


This new bridge set the council back by a mere $4.5million, the new stairs alone weigh 8 tonne…


The stairs were hoisted up with the massive, booty big crane and winged through the air over the train tracks to above the Parnell Baths.


Check out the view from the top of the bridge.  It’s a stunner!

IMG_0389 IMG_0387 IMG_0384

Sorry to disappoint you by the state of the Baths, but had to add a couple of shots there to show you how scungy the look over the winter.  How long till summer now? sigh……
IMG_0419As we were walking back to the car there was this guy lying in the rocks sunbathing, we had to double-check he wasn’t dead as the way he was sprawled out looked really awkward.

It’s the start of the week tomorrow, another week, only two weeks until the school holidays kick in, yippee, I love not having to get up early and shuffle the kids off to school.

Sa x 

“The Bar”, our long awaited local addition

First off, check out the new hairstyle…..Sarah  I’ve never in my entire life had hair this long and thank goodness for Shannon my fab hairdresser!!!!!  He has managed to make me love my long hair and given me a gorgeous style for a night at the new local bar.

Now you’ll have to excuse the shocking quality of my photos, I forgot to take the iPad Mini and had to take photos with my old iPhone.  They certainly do not do the bar justice.

My good friend Heather and I popped around the cnr a couple of nights ago for a catch up and to check this place out.  Mainly to reassure ourselves it really wasn’t a mirage, the rumors were true, IT WAS OPEN.

This place was once a carpeted, unstylish bar, and has now been taken over by the clever Scott and Jacqui! Hallelujah for us locals!!   With an opening date sign posted up on the window stating Jan as the ‘official date’, we were to be disappointed.  First off it was Nov which excited me as it meant my sister and BIL who were coming over from Sydney could join us for a tipple. Then is changed Dec, Jan, Feb, then yes, March, then they jumped to May…well we gave up at that point.  And the poor girls at “The Store”, got sick of the constant questioning, “when, when, when, will we be able to drink and stumble home?????

It finally opened this week, and why am I so excited? Well its a mere hop, skip and a jump from my house…..and I’m convinced it’ll soon become a local hangout (if it hasn’t in the first week opened).  Hmmm think if I get a baby monitor I may just be able to hear the kids wake up while i’m there…..No just winding you up, calm down!!!

I think the delayed opening dates only have made it a legend in its own right.  One local resident who is currently residing in splendor in Canada, upon seeing one of my FB photos saying it was opening a month ago promptly requested someone write ‘yeah right’ under the latest ‘opening date’ in true Tui Beer style…..wish i’d taken a photo of that!!  Yes some did write that underneath!

When we managed to get in the front door (which is a tad tricky, given it was stuck and there was a man on a seat preventing it opening (hmmmmmm there’s one serious design flaw, can’t get in the door is a big one I’d say!).  Jeremy, the manager of many, welcomed us.  Many of you will know who he is and those that don’t, when you visit he will make you feel like an old friend.


No, that’s not Jeremy in the photo to the right, he refused to let me photograph him, even though I tried my hardest to persuade him!  But as you can see this young man was very obliging for me.


Heather and I had a bite to eat, yummy gnocchi, fried chicken, salad, potato fritters (yes really).  All washed down with vodka, lime and lemonade….nothing like spirits to wash away that flu-ey feeling right?

I recommend you giving it a go, it wasn’t packed, we managed to easily get seats and there were still a few free…..So who’s going to check it out and if you have, let me know what you think?

Sa x

Ps. I forgot to mention they have this cool wine bottle oxidiser thing that means they can open an expensive bottle and sell a 75ml drop and then re:pressurise it. This means if you want to drop $45 for 75ml of Sassicia from Tuscany then you now have the option otherwise buy a bottle which will set you back a mere $445.

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