About Me!

Who am I???

I’m a somewhat rather stressed out crazy woman trying to juggle (like most mums in the world) a family while working.

Just over three years ago I left Auckland and headed to Singapore for a year. He who earns the mone


y was offered an opportunity over there that was enough to tempt us over the ocean. In Auckland at the time we had to make the decision, Auckland was cold and really felt rather boring to me at the time. Maybe that was me, in fact I think it was, I was working full time with three young children, battling a dodgy gate saga and awful complaining neighbours. Sorry Auckland, on re reading this it wasn’t your fault I fell out of love with you, I just fell out of love with my life.

When I returned on the eve of the Rugby World Cup, I discovered Auckland had seemed to change. It went in my eyes from those comfy old shoes that you know will always be there to a new place full of expectations of style and quality (excluding the awful asian cheapie shops on Queen street of course).

My first foray was Wynyard Quarter, where I was blown away with the effort gone into creating an area all Aucklanders can visit. Next up was with the opening of ‘The Store’ by Scott and Jacki right across the road from home, plus the reinvention of Britomart, Imperial Lane and the likes, I’ve decided I am firmly in love with my home city and insist those involved with making it one of the worlds most ‘livable cities’ need to stand up and take a bow!

Who’s in the family?

My devoted husband and he who earns the money in our family.

My 3 darling children, my baby birds…(well sometimes darling, but alot of the time devils)…

IMG_3231 IMG_3156 IMG_1329

Furchild Sammy a 12 years old Golden Retriever, he’s made me feel like i’ve earnt my doggy ownership stripes by getting to this stage…We’ve also recently added a puppy to the mix! I KNOW, we’re INSANE!IMG_3935

Chester and Lola, secondhand cats courtesy of the SPCA

and also secondhand but of the rodent variety Toast and Jam the Guinea Pigs from school who moved in this christmas…

Phew theres a few of us living here…


Information: this blog is intended as a lighthearted point of view from a girl who is in love with the many details in life. Details such as the beauty in design, design such as houses, interiors and exteriors plus all the things you can fill them with. I love visiting new places and talking to new people finding out the motivation behind their creations.

I hope you enjoy this blog and share it with your friends. My aim is to get this blog out there as fun read for those interested in the areas of discussion. Please feel free to comment, I will endeavour to personally reply to all comments and suggestions.
I hope this blog can grow and change as my skills increase and I get more blog wise…..Enjoy!!!

Sa x


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