5 sleeps to go…..

moving5 sleeps to go

5 sleeps to go

only 5 sleeps to go la la la la……

I’m sure i’m over excited now about the move FINALLY being upon us.  I mean its only been 3 months, bloody long 3 months I’ll say.  And if I hadn’t found a house, I’d be crying into my bowl of Special K i’m sure.

But instead I’m a ball of nervous energy, who has packed the house up completely! Yes completely bar the beds and a bit of lego on the floor.  My kitchen contents consist in a couple of banana boxes (thanks Kirsty!) and I can proudly say the cupboards are bare!!!

The tramp is already (by mistake) waiting at the new digs (oops sorry Martin, who would have thought they’d deliver it from Hamilton within 24 hours?) and it will be the first thing that is done on Monday, anything to keep the baby birds occupied while their mamma insanely finds places for things.

Anyway, very excited and all that, just champing at the bit to pull up some carpet, get my heatgun and paintbrush out and get the pool man over!

Photos will be posted next week!

Sa x

PS. Did I show you my pool concept??  Party at my house next summer!!!


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  1. 10 February, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    Aaah, that’s so exciting! And of course you’re already packed, you are the superest organised person I know 😉 Loving the pool idea too. Try and get some sleep between now and the move!!!

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