Well we were never ones to let the grass grow under our feet, but I certainly didn’t expect to have bought a new house within a few weeks of selling this one!

S0347-1446666408-9419-Eltham-SOLD.jpg.ashx The auction process was so much harder this time round with 3 children in tow.  Keeping the house spotless, fingerprint less and toy free wasn’t ridiculously hard given the weeks and weeks beforehand I spent throwing stuff out.  Now the hard part was making 3 young children part with their thousands of ‘favourite’ items……(and of course everything that is crap is favourite).

Once this was done it became all maintenance and keeping sticky fingers off the walls.

558900ZThis is the new place, only a few kms down the road, its my next long term project.  Right on a reserve this house is set on a fantastic 1217sqm of land and has an awesome layout, perfect for a growing family.

Its going to be a real work in progress as the current owner has lived here for 43 years.  Yes 43 years!! AND they are family friends, i’m so excited that Isabella will have the bedroom my girlfriend grew up in and they have wholeheartedly given us the thumbs up to go crazy!

I’ve got my little list of things that I MUST tackle straight away:

1. Central Heating/Cooling

2. Pool

3. Kitchen

4. Painting

The central heating/cooling is already booked in and step 2 is in the planning process.  Aahhhh the pool….well thats another day and another blog but heres a taster of whats to come:

The garden at present….

558900G IMG_2545


My vision:





Sa x

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