Twas the night before….


I feel like with a title like that I should be writing about xmas…

“Twas the night before christmas, but i’ll say Twas the night before the auction and all through the house all the creatures WERE stirring especially the scouse”(my family are from Liverpool).

Anyway, yes its the last night before my big grey girl goes under the hammer.  I have a mixture of nerves and excitement right now, nerves in that will it really happen and excitement for the possibilities this will bring.

Our open homes have been a roaring success with over 100 groups through in 6 open homes, pretty amazing turnout my agent tells me.  There has been fantastic feedback from all those coming through about my design ideas and styling which has encouraged me to explore this area of design further through our next project (when we find it).  Our agent even had to chase someone out last weekend who was gleefully taking photos of my custom made lights and iron ceiling, what better form of compliment is that!

I’ve had so much fun bringing life back into this 90 year old girl and I love the idea that someone else will love her as much as I have.  Perhaps I’ll work my way through the Eastern Bays Suburbs house by house as needed changing all those tired little boxes into little luxurious creations….

So watch this space for a big green SOLD sign on Thursday and keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me please!!!

Sa x

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