My excitement is building…..

I’ve been wanting to splash out on some designer towels for my bathrooms so today I headed off to Farmers and Citta Design in Mt Eden on the hunt for some towels for my bathroom.

The idea is I buy nice plain white ones and then a couple of designer ones to go with them.  This way by having the nicer towels mixed with inexpensive ones you still get the expensive look.

So this is the towel at Citta Design I was after:

ITL0163-2-1However given that the shipment only arrived today and won’t be unloaded for a least 2 weeks I chose this one instead:citadel-velour-bath-towel-3-531-1

And then good ole Farmers with their massive selection of white towels….







Heres how they look in action..before

IMG_2212 IMG_2213 IMG_2215 IMG_2214


IMG_2219 IMG_2218






Simple but easy and I had a great time!  Now how do I get the kids to NOT use these?

Sa x


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