A lovely stop this morning…..

In my quest for my next step in life, I got out for a walk with one of my closest buddies this morning and happened across this little cafe, or should I say not so little.


Set amongst the cows and trees, Cornwall Park Cafe is gorgeous.  Though it looked too full to even bother trying for a table there were a couple spare.

I was surprised to see the majority of their patrons were dressed a heck of a lot more smartly than me, as we were the only ones who appeared to be in our exercise gear.  It’s amazing how differently you are treated when you’re slumming it in your too tight lycra pants with a fresh windswept face (that’s me putting in kindly)…….

IMG_1646Owned by Andrew Bell of Andiamos in Herne Bay, this place has only been opened for 8 short weeks.  Due to open in time for the last summer season, some little buggers decided to play with fire and destroyed it.  Apparently it was very contentious even opening a cafe here in the first place, maybe it was one of the anti people who did it?

One of my favourite things was the inside. IMG_1629 I can imagine if I was to build a house, this is the style I would go for, full of glass windows, all open plan and welcoming, or a some might say a goldfish bowl.

Anyway, I ordered my Allpress double shot, trim flat white which came quickly and was served by one of the young, pretty and very friendly girls working here, IMG_1632Shelley had a fruit tea (I loved the pot and smells from across the table) and Rachie had her latte.



What better way to celebrate the effort of earning 7,000 steps according to my fitbit, than by sampling one of the many sweet treats they had on offer…..I declined

IMG_0586the selections of donuts and pastries and instead downgraded to basic banana bread, which wasn’t so basic at all with pistachios hidden inside prob equivalent to 10,000 fitbit steps.IMG_1636






Is this somewhere I would bring my kids?  

Kids seem pretty welcome here with an area set aside with bean bags and racy toys, though I’m not sure they would welcome my 3 here, an 11-year-old might be just a tad to tall for one of those…..IMG_1637There were a few prams and a gorgeous little girl next to us, they had high chairs, not that I’ll ever be needing the use of one of those again…..

It turned out to be a very fruitful morning indeed, I managed to catchup with close friends and also landed myself an assignment – social media promotion……

I’d def come back here again. Sa x


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