The makeup is going on!

Yesterday our front lawn was changed….

For the better of course! It has officially lost its status of a grey, boring and VERY unwelcoming entrance way…

From this:

IMG_2485 IMG_2484 IMG_2483 IMG_2482
To this:

IMG_2498 IMG_2497 IMG_2493 IMG_2492 IMG_2488I find it amazing that such a transformation can take place in just one day.

And what a busy ‘one day’ it was…4 men came in from 7.30am until 4.30pm and levelled my front lawn, added scoria, gravel etc and then laid this amazing turf over the top of it.

This stuff is called Tiger Turf, is actually synthetic, though its hard to tell in the photos, I will never have to mow it or really do much at all.  I guess you could say its the lazy persons lawn, (or busy persons lawn if I’m being PC about it).  All I’ll need to do is get my leaf blower out to clear the never ending dropping of Pohutakawa seed pods (see my new stained driveway) off from it and the occasional spray of weedkiller from any weeds blown in.

It’s created a whole other play area for the kids now, they can ride their bikes around on it and not get muddy, play netball or basketball (once the hoop goes back in), lets hope our backyard doesn’t become redundant, though I doubt that given there is a massive tramp and play fort resplendent with monkey bars, swings and a climbing wall, to encourage all sorts of squealing much to our 87 year old neighbours disappointment.

So why fake grass?

Apart from the obvious easy care factor, we have the fortune of having a beautiful 100+ year old Pohutakawa tree overhanging the front of our section.  Apart from all the stuff that drops off and the grass that will not grow beneath it, to add a garage would not only would cost more than we are currently willing to spend (and yes we are now officially broke) we would have to get resource consent, arborist reports etc as our garage would be infringing on the trees drip line (overhanging branches into our section).

Adding a garage we could potential kill this beautiful tree, even though some of my neighbours would be happy with this, I would not.  It’s so beautiful, in summer its a stunning red xmas tree and it’s what I look at every morning when I open my bedroom blinds, sitting in my bed, rather than the back of the fugly german restaurant across the road…..

And to think only a month ago I was seriously thinking I might want to part with this house, what with the property prices in Auckland going crazy and our house increasing in value ridiculously almost overnight…….now with each change realised after 10 years of planning, I am seriously into my home.  For me renovating has been more stressful than I realised, it is all so consuming, I find myself becoming obsessed with all things house, its hard to come back down to reality and start living a normal life, one that doesn’t involve spending every free moment scouring Houzz and Pinterest for amazing ideas, or arguing with plumbers and tilers about various issues……

Anyway, enough about that, so what do you think? 

Next step, the new gate goes in 3rd June, and in the meantime planting & staining decks for me (oh yes and kids bday parties galore again)……

Sa x

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