Amazing Weather

Wow, the weather has been stunning here in Auckland, especially given the slow start we had.  We decided to hang around all summer with the odd exception of a few overnights stays at friends holiday houses, a boat trip, day trips etc…..

Usually in Summer we find Auckland goes dead, this summer I’ve noticed it was only a few days either side of xmas, all the left over city dwellers head on down to Mission Bay (or our beach) to bake themselves and just enjoy the freedom only the christmas period brings.  Being a now seasoned beachsider, I’ve set myself up pretty well, i’ve got a sun umbrella, sun tent, picky blanket and beach trolley to pull it all down, easy as when you’re living 40 metres from the beach.

Holiday chat aside I’ve been thinking about what I can put my energy into now the main part of the reno is finished.  I’d like to do more, but at the mo given our huge overspend I’d better hold myself back and given ‘he who earns the money’ is no longer ‘he who earns the money’ as he’s started his own consultancy, I think I should be patient and wait…..

ha me be patient!  friends of mine who read this blog and know me well will laugh at this as I have never been known for that, more known for my impulsiveness and inability to keep things to myself!!!  I am trying this year to keep my mouth selectivley closed, I think they say mystery is interesting right???

Anyway I digress as per usual Sarah style…..this year I’ve decided to look into design courses much to the hubbys delight as he’s been pushing me to go into interiors, seems rather clique to me though, mum with 3 kids, used to be an accountant becomes an interior designer……

so i’m thinking either some kind of textile design or spacial design…….that is if there is something part time like this that I can get into, I NEED to channel my overzealousness and love of all things design.

Better go, i’m a bit hot and bothered after a power walk so need to freshen up for yet another social occasion and this one thankfully involved a pool!

Sa x

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