Merry Christmas

Wow, I can’t believe another Christmas day has come and gone……

I’m sitting in my very cosy, sunny living room typing on ‘he who earns the money’s’ new laptop finally updating my blog.

I’ve gotta say, I’m using a PC instead of my usual MacBook and am not sure at all if I like it.  I suppose it will grow on me, and it is what I use at work, but hmmmmmmmm I feel a bit unsettled by this laptop.  Maybe its me getting older and being used to my mac and not wanting to learn windows 8 and its new ‘fantastic’ features, or maybe I just love my 4 year old ‘yes and slow’ MacBook.

So this week has been as busy for us as I’m sure it has for all of you!  I managed to at the last minute find an outdoor table and cushions just in time for our Christmas Eve and Day celebrations…….its lovely finally being able to sit outside, eat drink and be merry in the sunshine……..

Found some cute little stools as well that just finish it all off (she says with her feet up on one). IMG_2987

Well what else can I fill you on?  Not a lot else, we’re hanging around for the holidays, I figure, our house is closer to the beach than any bach we could afford and since most of Auckland migrates out of the city, why not enjoy the peace and quiet and take off for our holidays later this year.

‘He who earns the money’ no longer ‘earns the money’ as such, he’s decided to branch out on his on, much to my delight ‘I’m very much playing the supportive wife card’ and don’t worry I’ll store that one up for a rainy day….lol and i’m off for the summer as my long term contract has come to an end, though they tell me they are trying to find me something for next year… so we’re just chilling enjoying hanging with our baby birds, pottering around our divine house………..

Ok, time to catch up on some tv….

Sa x

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