I Luv Akld

Love today that in the NZ Herald there is a series starting showcasing Akld and why its inhabitants love it.

Nice to see some positivity our there about our little city.  I seem to hear alot of negativity these days, ‘its too cold’, ‘too expensive’, ‘too boring’ etc….

I think we’re pretty lucky, we have a small city that has loads of funky cafe with GREAT coffee (trust me on this one), on my recent trip to the UK, I COULD NOT and seriously could not find a ‘flat white’……..

We have beautiful bush walks out at Titirangi (thanks Shell’s Bells for taking me on a walk earlier this year), for the inner city, I’ve just recently been on both the Hosbonville Bay walk and the Orakei Basin walk and LOVED IT, and it was only 5 mins drive from home.

There is sooo much more to say about this little city but as I’m on my lunch break at work typing furiously, I probably shouldn’t go into it now (yes I’m paid by the hour)…..

I’ll be back later to elaborate further for those that care….

Sa x

Oh yes, I have to mention the people….I am surrounded both at work and my personal life by a bunch of really cool people…..I feel fairly blessed atm.

Catch up with me......

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