Our crafty weekend….Building a Memo Board

startingIsabella and I had a great weekend last weekend.

I decided we’d been talking far too long about working on some projects together and now the house is finished (almost), what better time to start than the weekend…

The kids have been amazingly tolerant of all the work that has been going on around the house.  We’ve had so many distruptions with moving out, our trip to the UK, living out of one room, not being able to have their friends around, etc…..

So we had two projects in mind, one a memo/pin board for her room and two a headboard fit for a 10 year old princess….

Starting with the memo board

Materials from:

Bunnings (board, stapler, screws to hold it on the wall)

Spotlight (fabric, glue, tacks, ribbon)


We popped down to bunnings and managed to grab a large peice of soft board for both projects. Costing around $64 for one 2.4m x 1.4m they also cut it to the right size.

Our memo/pin board size is 1m x 1.2m…

We also managed to find a staple gun fit for upholstery for under $20.


Next up was off to Spotlight to find the ‘perfect’ fabric….Isabella found this surprisingly easy, a pink cotton with the efifil tower printed all over it with matching ribbon, tacks and white cotton for the pin board side.

First Up

You’ll need to iron out the fabric to ensure it has no creases whatsoever.  This is the part I find painful as I AM NOT AN IRONER.  We send all our clothes out to be ironed for us….lazy I know, but hey who cares….

We started with our pink fabric first which was going to be our memo board side.

Measure the fabric to ensure you have a good margin to fold around to the back of the board.

Lay the fabric facedown with the board on top and then proceed to staple gun the edges onto the back of the board.  Tip: start at the top and then do the bottom afterwards pulling it tight to ensure you don’t get a sag in your fabric.  Finish off with the sides one after the other, again pulling tight and then fold in the cnrs cutting into a triangle type shape as if you were covering school books or wrapping a present.

Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the staple gun! You can always cover the back up if you want to hide all those staples, but who’s going to see them anyway as its going to be hung on the wall!



We added the white cotton for the pinboard side.  We ended up with a join where the two fabrics meet so covered this with a strip of pink velvet ribbon on one side and white ribbon on the other.

Then the pining of the ribbon began…..a wee bit time consuming, but well worth the effort!  We used silver coated tacks with a slightly dome shaped head that had a longer than usual pin length and had to hammer them in.

Issy pinning




The end result:



  1 comment for “Our crafty weekend….Building a Memo Board

  1. Cheryl
    20 October, 2014 at 7:34 am

    Looks fabulous! Great job Sarah & Isabella!

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