Something is wrong with me!

I’m obsessed with another house!!

What is wrong with me, we’ve only just finished renovating our house to a beautiful state and I’m already thinking of selling and moving onto the next project!

My poor husband is having heart palpitations at the mere mention of another property, but how do I stop myself and my impulsive urges???

Ok so my new obsession is only 5 minutes away, has a view over the local park and playing fields, is North/West facing but and this is the big but, it is fairly old and needs renovating…….(and would I have it any other way?)

If we were to buy it and it is worth significantly less than our house, we would need to live in it for 5 years as it is before we could pull it down and build our dream home….we would release a large chunk of capital which would free us up to concentrate on other projects (yes other renovations).

Doesn’t sound bad really does it, however the one kicker is the auction is this Saturday and it will sell in the words of the Real Estate Agent I’ve been harassing “the vendors are very motivated to cash out, so I will be bringing a sold sticker with me on Saturday”

Front of House

View from housejpg

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