Where do I start?

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Yesterday I was up at the baby birds school pickup parking when I happened to park across the road from a lovely school mum.  As we sat there with our car windows down talking across the road to each other she mentioned my blog and it dawned on me how long its been since i’ve been online.  I’ve become a bit of a slack arse in updating this blog.  I think with the overwhelming nature of my renos, I lost my way and my head a wee bit…..geeze its a very full on project with most weekends spend searching out ‘the perfect light’, deciding on doors and carpets (heavens my life is hard!).

Whats happening now in the house of sawdust?

Well floors have been resurrected for a small fortune and have been sanded and are being polished as I write this.   My new cavernous living/kitchen/dining is finished with the kitchen is almost, and I say almost, almost, allllllmooooost finished, the plumbers just need to hook up the water so I can wash (or my dishwasher can) the dishes that have accumulated on my pristene white benches and can finally that fridge that has been living in the lounge can be welcomed with open arms into the kitchen with its fellow appliances.

These photos are the old junk room/laundry prior to my kitchen inhabiting it:

IMG_2753 IMG_1553 IMG_1547IMG_1485 IMG_1576 IMG_1576IMG_1987 IMG_1911 IMG_1910











And now, waalaa, hey presto:


IMG_2204IMG_2210I’m just itching to get into my kitchen and start acting like a woman who can cook.  I’m kinda hoping that somehow in having a new kitchen I will wake up overnight with new skills that have just appeared overnight.  I’ll be able to whip up a soufle’, well maybe thats a bit ambitious, but maybe I’ll make something that will impress ‘he who earns the money’ and my baby birds….

Now i’ve got this massive open plan area i need to fill it, I think i’ll need to pick up extra hours at work to pay for all the fun stuff, like my new sofa (opps it just ordered itself) and the rugs I have my eye on, hmmm that’ll take a year worth of saving for that baby….

Right my next post will show you the floors and my lovely open plan area, so get ready for it…..

Sa x

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  1. Amanda
    25 July, 2014 at 5:36 pm


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