We’re on the home straight….

house12Wow, its been a busy few months.

We got back a couple of weeks ago from a month gallivanting in the UK and France.

The old girl had really started to take shape even though it seemed to me that it would never happen.

This Week……

The builders kicked us out a couple of weeks ago and have been working frantically day and night in an attempt to finish our baby who has now pretty much been rebuilt.

This old house has been given more than a new dress!

house1She now is fully insulated in every room downstairs, partially double glazed (in the new living/kitchen/dining), has been completely replumbed, rewired, regibbed, repainted, rekitchened, refloored, about to be sanded and restained before the final touches of new carpet will be added.


I suppose you want to see photos.  Now bear in mind we haven’t finished, things are still happening, lights will go in next week, eek struggling to make a decision on my living room lights…..but never mind that, all that matters is the painters in there for the next 10 days and I get to see my new shiny kitchen this weekend!!  yahoooo



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