Chugging along…

Hi there,

I’m back again after a busy stint away.  As I type this I have one child practising her clarinet, one chattering away and the boy child balancing on his scooter, also talking to me at the same time as his sister.

Oh how we learn to switch off.  I swore to myself when I was a child, I’d never switch off like my mother seemed to have the ability to do.  I would be different, I would listen and multi task at the same child (she says this as the kids unfortunately spotted the old skateboards I threw in the skip and are all hoevering around me crying while I placate them with ‘dad will get them out in morning’.

Anyway, whats happening in our house?  Well the bathroom is almost, almost, almost done.  Shocker I know, shouldn’t take 4 months!  But our dodgy builders, whom we had to fire, who I will add also have ended up almost doubling the cost, just made the whole process take a billion times longer.

The tiles are up, the painting finishes tomorrow, lighting in and then the fittings go in Thursday!!!  I’ll be bathing in luxury this weekend, though no glass screen until next week, I’m prepared to make that sacrifice, just as long as there is a door on with a lock may I add to ensure total privacy while I relax and breath in the new minted paint fumes mixing with my luxiourious bubble bath..

I’m sure you want to see photos….


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