A difficult week..

Wow what a week its been.  I’ve just spent about 3 hours tonight searching for a new theme for my blog as the old one hadn’t been updated for a while by the programmer so wasn’t working properly.

It’s a bit of a bummer as I really liked the colourful theme, but I think that’s my queue to learn a bit more about customising my blog, so please bear with me while I figure it out.

So the main news of the week from me is that we have moved to new builders.  Yes, I know its awful and why on earth did we do that?? Well as much as I liked the previous builders its been 10 weeks and still no bathroom.  Yes, seriously still no bloody bathroom!

I mean com’on Sarah, whats the fuss, its only been 10 weeks and a serious budget overrun!  What’s your problem? (or so the old builders asked).

It wasn’t a bundle of laughs passing the news on, I’ve had a nasty text from our builder and Si has had words with the big boss, or should I say the guy just talked at Si about how ‘out of line’ we were and ‘what bad people’ we are, he didn’t really want to hear what we had to say, not at all about the fact they have significantly gone over budget as well as double the time they told us it would take.  I did I mention they weren’t prepared to give us a fixed price for the rest of the house, how silly of me to think they would cause the same overruns with the rest of the house.  Shite if it takes 10 weeks for a bathroom, how long would the rest of the house take?

Anyway, enough of my angst, the new builders start this Tuesday, whew, I can breathe a sigh of relief as I know we’re in very experienced capable hands…..

So now for the fun part, some photos of where the bathroom is at, Sa x

bathroom2 Bathroom cabinet

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