A stunning day…


I’ve been absent for a while, life has been busy with work, school and renovations, blah blah, first world problems right?  I thought i’d make the most of my second child free friday and update my blog, while I sit on the front porch watching people go past.

I count myself lucky i’m able to do all of this, last night I watched 20/20, they ran a segment on this poor man who has terminal cancer and he counts his blessings that he has been alive long enough to see his baby daughter born.  It really makes you have a bit of perspective on things doesn’t it?

So this morning, while my house was crawling with various workers, I caught up with some lovely local mums for a coffee on the beach in the lovely summer sun.

One of the mums Amber and i got chatting about fitness and she mentioned she was going for a cycle, so I joined in, me on my new retro bike, Amber on her hubbys, and we cycled into town……how cool is that!  Amber stopped off for a swim at Parnell Baths on the way home and as much as I’d love to join her I’ve got a mission to complete shortly.

I’m heading back to Britomart to BoConcept to pick up my bathroom light, yes my baaaaathroom light that i have only been waiting about 2 months for!  A bit of a story behind it, they rung me last week to tell me the shipment was delayed   another 6 weeks, boo hoo as if i haven’t waited enough.  When I said ‘not good enough’ they somehow magic’ed up a light from somewhere with a discount as it apparently it was on display.  I’ll def be checking that one over carefully…..

Right I’d better get going, first stop is my neighbours to help her with her pc issues and then Britomart and hopefully while i’m out the builders will turn up for the council pre-line inspection (plumbing) that has been put off twice already…..

See ya,

Sa x

  1 comment for “A stunning day…

  1. Shelley
    25 February, 2014 at 9:44 am

    Wow, it’s all go at your place! Can’t wait to see the change 🙂

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