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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, I kinda lost the urge, slack I know. Life has been busy with holidays, children and just random stuff.

I’m excited to report that while I sit upstairs on my bed nursing my poor mouth after an early root canal this morning, the builders are banging away downstairs.

Da Da!  Yes, finally we have started SOMETHING, yes, by the end of Feb I will be luxuriating in my devine tub!  Everything, well almost everything is organised, fixtures, fittings, hot water heat pump, tiles, rah rah rah.

It’ll be demo work mainly this week and god knows what next week. Stay in touch for updates and photos of the devastation caused to my grand old lady before the restoration starts.

Talking of grand old ladies, this house def is, we’ve uncovered scrim on the walls and hidden ceilings in true bungalow style. This house was built in 1927, I am seriously in love with the old ceilings and hidden crevices the builders have been uncovering. So much more interesting, though not appealing to all, than a custom built spec house. Once we re insulate add our new double glazed windows, she will cosy and warm for the winter.  I’ve always been a Villa fan though a modern contemporary Villa I must clarify, I’m not a die hard, keep the traditional colours and ALL details type of girl.  I’m more a wooden floors, detailed skirtings, ceilings and the like.

Ok, time to go check what has been removed now. I’ve taken a few Picts to show you what they’ve done. In particular, I love the one taken from where the front door will be looking down where the new hallway will be..


Existing Bathroom                                                          Soon to be bathroom

Old bathroom1Prebathroom2










Demolition has started!

Demo Bathroom3 Demo Bathroom2 Demo Bathroom1 Demo Bathroom5 Looking to hallway3 Looking to hallway2 Looking to hallway


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