Loving Sydney’s little Houses

I’m over in Sydney for a brief weekend with my favourite sister and her partner, while my beloved parents tag team to keep the baby birds entertained.

‘He who is on gardening leave’ and I have been beating the footpaths, even making it to Ikea on Friday, where I saw some really cool industrial lights plus everything else….they have the most dizzying array of choice. I even considered the possibility of ordering a container load of products to bring back to cram into my house. Alas that is prob not to be, let’s hope they manage to finally bring the reality of IKEA to us.

Anyway, I’ve taken loads of shots of the beautiful little terrace houses around my sisters inner west federation home as we’ve walked around.

As I sit here in the sun in their little courtyard, typing to you while they talk crap and plan our day in the city, I feel very relaxed.  Excuse my terrible photos, I uploaded from my iPhone and not done a particularly good job….

imageimage image image

Sa x

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