Not all wallpapers are the same

I’ve made my choice on wall tiles and have decided to go with a wallpapered wall behind my wallhung basins.  After work today I’ll order the wall tiles for the wet area and post a pict up of the texture they have, they are kinda mosaic like with a semi gloss….just my flooring to sort out now.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon after finishing work early, visiting local Resene and Guthrie Bowron shops searching for the wallpaper I’d seen on Houzz.  The Resene Newmarket lady was a most unhelpful, grumpy thing but at Guthrie Bowron Sylvia Park, the young assistant was fabulous, even if they didn’t have what I was looking for.  She was happy to search through wallpaper books looking for my request for over half n hour.  ‘Thanks sweetie’

Did you know not all wallpapers can go in the bathroom, in fact wallpapers have different ratings.  Vinyl coated are best for kitchens and bathrooms, while papery wallpaper (yes there is a difference) and embossed will start to peel off within months.  I’ve been told by a reliable source (thanks Aunty Merry) that Resene sells a special sealant you can paste over the top of your wallpaper.  I’ll have to ask my hanging man his opinion on that one.

I’ve also found you can now purchase wallpaper that is self sticking.  Yes you can hang it yourself if you’re brave enough!  Hmmmm not sure that I am, think that’ll be something I’ll try out in one of the rooms that will be ripped off the house.  I like that idea, my very own ‘project’ room, how cool is that!!!  Now my old grand dame doesn’t seem such a warren with mismashed rooms….

Well in true Sarah style the wallpaper I want has to be ordered in from overseas.  I saw these two styles in an online interiors website and they both looked amazing, so now it will probably come down to which is in stock.

First one is Imperial Trellis and the second is from Osbourne & LIttle called Pompadour.  Aren’t they amazing!!!

DuBarry TrellisI’ll pop some photos of these later as I’m currently at work on my lunchbreak.

If I was any good at drawing I’d draw the whole bathroom out for you to get my idea…hmmm maybe I can do that later this week as tonight its The Block NZ live auction and can’t miss that!

Oops lunchbreak over!


  3 comments for “Not all wallpapers are the same

  1. 30 October, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    Why didn’t u come over and see us at Constellation Drive. We’ve got tons of wallpaper and we re never grumpy. Xxxxxu

    • 30 October, 2013 at 1:27 pm

      Didn’t realise you were in Constellation Drive? Thought you were in Kumeu. Finished work early and just easier to pop into the local Resene on the way home….Do you like my choices?

      • Merry Smith
        30 October, 2013 at 6:34 pm

        Yes they’re lovely. Yes we’ve got a lovely new store opposite Maccas and Nosh, at the junction of Apollo.

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