I’m here and as I so often state, yes i’m alive.

I’ve had a week off work to spend some time with the baby birds and boy has it been mad.  Not mad as in mad mad busy (which it was), but mad as in ME!  The kids were winding me up half the time with their hyponess and crazy demands, falling in duckponds (bless him) etc….

One particular morning I even had to use my ‘angry, shouty’ voice, which even scares me.  I had to stop for a coffee to calm myself down and relieve myself of my burden by sharing my nastiness with a couple of local mums I ran into.   They were absolute darlings who told me they were glad to see the usual smiling happy Sarah, who seems to have nay a care actually does sometimes loss the plot.  Wow I wouldn’t have picked that some people see me like that, I often feel like a bundle of nerves, all wound up tight.

Anyway, we did some cool stuff this week, we ice skated, indoor rock climbed, fed the ducks and even one of us swum in the stinky duck ponds.  We had a few nice lunches out and my youngest baby bird had her first long playdate with a lovely friend and lost her first tooth much to my dismay!

Ice SkatingOct13

I thought this photo was really cool, this was at the end of our ice skating session, everyone had just piled their skates so high that you couldn’t see the poor student behind.

rock climbing

I strapped up for the rock climbing, pretty impressive I’d say for a girl with vertigo.  I got to the top a few times, but couldn’t get over the fact that I had to let go and glide to the bottom.  When I looked around I could see loads of wee ones in the same predicament so I’ll take heart in that fact, (gotta take it where you can get it right?).  Its funny how hard it is to just trust that the harness and rope thingie will work, it goes against common sense doesn’t it?

Ok, I’m off to write another update about a cafe I visited on the weekend.  Atomic Cafe in Kingsland, an old goody but a favourite.

Sa x

Western springs

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