I need help choosing a vanity

Ok, I’m going to ask you for your advice.

I need it now, I can’t make a decision, I want it ALL and I want it NOW!

I’m stuck, there are so many options out there to choose from and although i know the most sensible option is a wall hung vanity with storage space for the kids to chuck stuff in, I just can’t bring myself to seal the deal by choosing one of these.  My last renovation was a cute little villa in Mt Eden just over 8 years ago, this style had just been released.  I was excited then to be using a new modern style, but I mean, come on, that was 8 years ago, surely the bathroom industry has come up with some new modern twists on the wall hung vanity.

Drawers…..they fill me with visions of the baby birds creating a mess, dirty drawers with hair captured, dried up toothpaste, little matchbox cars and the like…somewhere where my guests will prob sneak a peek and come away horrified convinced I am a closet dirty queen.  Even my skin crawls with the thought of the birds nests those children will create.

Do I indulge my minimalist tendencies and go for a basin hung from the wall?  I think as I grow up (yes I think it may be happening as much as I’m starting to feel the urge to fight it) I find peace in a clean space.  I know, I know, you’re thinking, what are you on about Sarah!, but I think it’s the kids clutter that fills my spaces.  They invade everywhere, even my wardrobe and as much as I love them madly, I don’t want to see a naked barbie doll hanging from the door handle at 6am in the morning

As I read this I think my choice is becoming clear, no drawer but a whopping big booty mirrored cabinet and built in cupboard.  Is it enough?  Still thinking get over it Sarah and be practical, get a drawer!!  Hmmm a drawer it will prob be unless someone gets creative and makes an alternative suggestion. Built into the wall drawers or a custom made 1500mm long vanity with 3 drawers, not too deep, shelf like, big enough for the dried toothpaste and skungy bits of hair…now your talking….

Gve me your opinion, I love others take on things and the fact we all have different taste.

So which do you prefer?

1. Wall hung with a drawer?  Could go black gloss as I’m having white subway tiles on the wall behind.  The blue Michel Cesar basin below is pretty funky.

IMG_0395wallhungOvo wallhung2



2. Basins mounted on benches?


3. Wall hung basins?

IMG_0398Ovo wallhung

  3 comments for “I need help choosing a vanity

  1. 3 October, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Wall hung with black gloss sounds great BUT will show all those little Issy,Sebby,Charlie finger marks , believe me, we have black gloss tables at work and I’m always polishing them otherwise they look awful. Sorry to rain on your parade, darls. Leave the black gloss to people who have no kids and a maid to do the housework. All the ones in the pics look really nice tho’, I’m sure you’ll find something nice. If I see anything I’ll email it to you. Xxx

    • 3 October, 2013 at 8:21 pm

      I would not go for any of the choices you have suggested so far. I would go for something that I have not seen but will do my best to describe. It would sort of be an old fashioned wardrobe i.e.in that you can have drawers underneath, then a space for the hand basin definitely with no joins, with a large mirror above, followed by further draws or cupboards above. Color would depend on what you are doing with the rest of the room. My choice would be in wood but this may not be practicable with the young ones.

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