My first ‘review’ request

AA026294I didn’t think i had many ‘firsts’ left in me, but when it comes to the world of blogging I certainly do.  Geeze, I make myself sound like an old lady instead of the spring chicken I am.  (tongue in cheek a wee bit there).

This week which was so disappointing for poor TNZ and the majority of NZ, I received an email.  What did the said email say?

The request was:

‘Would you be interested in being involved in National Nut Day this year on your blog?  National Nut Day is on Tuesday 22 October and it’s all about celebrating this nutritious and healthful natural food.

We were hoping you might like to write a unique nut recipe to post on you blog or review some new xxxx nuts (we will gladly send you samples from xxxxxx – just let us know which nuts you’d like to receive).

Please let me know if this is something you would like to do and I will send you some xxxxxxx products to get the creative juices flowing, along with more information about National Nut Day, and the benefits of eating nuts’

Nuts you say?  Write about nuts?  What would you say?  Well i guess I would talk about the benefits, make something out of this world that would blow your minds away and make you say ‘wow Sarah, you are the most amazing woman in the world’.  That aside, how fantastic is this and unfortunately for them and myself, I had to decline.  This brand is a competitor to my work, and I suppose one must be loyal to the ones who put some $$ in my bank account every 2 weeks.  I was even naive enough to ask the company lawyer if there was any chance, knowing the answer in advance, I think it was wishful thinking on my part that maybe, just maybe they might say ‘oh Sarah, go for it….’

I am wrapped to receive this request, even if it is for nuts.  I’m pretty partial to a cashew nut or two, though my points tracker on weightwatchers glows red every time I even think about the bloody tasty little morsels.  I’m glad someone is reading my blog and finds it interesting enough to send me an email, even if they want me to write a plug.

Now i’m a working girl again i’ve been finding it a bit hard to make the time to write, but I won’t abandon you and like all good things, you need to put the effort into it to get somewhere.  Talking of somewhere, If you want me to visit a cafe or would me to write about something you find interesting, drop me a line.  Give me an excuse to get out of my little suburb and into another and the opportunity to spread the word about the great places our there in our beautiful city (yes, I’m not restricted to cafes).

So for now I’ll keep up my incessant chatter about my house, cafes and most of all my upcoming bathroom renovation….

Have a good weekend, lets hope the weather forecasters are wrong and the sun comes out for us!

Sa x

PS.  Don’t forget to put your clocks forward kiwis this weekend as we ‘jump’ forward into spring.

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