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You couldn’t keep me away.  On Saturday I dragged the family to Best Ugly Bagels.  I needed a perk up as I was feeling rather down, as I’m sure most NZlanders were after the sucky time penalty that would have put us out of the misery we have had to endure.

It wasn’t particularly hard to get the man and small ones down there, they are pretty much up for a free lunch out anytime (meaning I was paying)

Image 4The 15min trip was to get us some pies (thanks Scratch) for our gourmet taste testing with the Aussies, but also I’d made a promise to a man I would return.  Scott the Manager to be precise, and i’m not one to leave a promise unfulfilled.

Image 3 Image 1What did we go for: TAB; Yodi, JC, Clover and Butter up.


‘TAB’:  Tomato Avocado and Basil with rocket, drizzled in a lemon infused olive oil.

‘Yodi’: Pastrami, Swiss, Habanero mustard and pickle.

Children 1,2 & 3 were the easy ones with:

‘JC’: Jam and Cream Cheese

‘Clover’: Honey

‘Butter Up’: plain old butter.

So how did they stack up?  I thought they were yummy even though the youngest, often nicknamed ‘The Grinch’ refused to try half the Clover or Butter Up.  The other 3 people willing to eat inhaled theirs with the second child fighting with his dad to finish the girls leftovers off.

I’m convinced mine was better than his (Yodi), especially with the delicious lemon infused oil dripping down my chin, but he tells me that is merely a matter of opinion.

ImageImage 2
For me the coolest thing about this place (after the scrummy bagels) was the atmosphere.  It was busy and filled with trendy, happy looking people all out to enjoy themselves while catching up with their buds.

It had such a cool vibe, buzzing with energy.  Does that sound strange?

It’s really hard to explain it…hopefully you get my drift.    When I left I felt upbeat, and I’ve gotta point out there were families there as well, so we were not the stand outs.


Before we hit Ugly Bagels, we managed to sneak a peak at the Food Truck Garage, however I’m going to be completely selfish and that one for a childfree evening with my lovely man one night soon.

Sa x

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