City Works Depot – Spoilt for Choice

IMG_0921This morning we paid a visit to Scratch Bakers based in City Works Depot.  I took my lovely Aussie mate, or maybe I should say she took me, she drove.  Unfortunately this experienced Aucklander sent her the wrong way, oops, I mean she knew the way better than me and how many years have I lived in Auckland!!!

About Scratch Bakers;  Scratch Bakers, part of the Teed Street Larder in Newmarket, another establishment I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, has been here for 4 months.  These guys do all they’re baking in store out the back.  Lucky for us we were the only people hogging their one and only table, however there was a steady stream of people coming and going.  Some corporate types pulled the beanbags out the front and plonked themselves down, suits, dresses and all.  I’m thinking they prob saw D and I with the kids and decided outside on the beanbags was the safer option.

IMG_0920While the baby birds had a fluffy each, we had a coffee.  My baby bird was persuaded with a delicious chocolate biscuit that I proceeded to eat most of in my true glutinous style.

On display in the pie warmer there was most beautiful sumptuous looking homemade pies.  Flavours such as duck confit and rabbit spring to mind, sorry can’t remember the others but I know they must be yummy.

I’m trying to talk ‘he who earns most of the money’ into an early morning visit with the small ones on Sat morning before the crowds arrive, I want to grab a couple for Sat night dinner.   Hmm I’m sure if my Aussie friend wasn’t having a sumptuous dinner date at the Sugar Club (am I allowed to say that?), I could convince her and hubby to join us.  Next weekend maybe?

IMG_0934Afterwards I was encouraged to go for an explore and wondered off to lurk around Ugly Bagels and The Food Truck Garage.  I caught a glimpse of the food truck chef guy through the window as he was filming.  As tempted as I was to gatecrash, I’m just not that ballsy enough.

Check out these awesome outdoor chairs at Dry and Tea for hair styling.  If I wasn’t lunching at La Fourchette tomorrow this scruffy looking mum would be seriously tempted to pop down on my one day off for a tidy up.


Wonder if you could leave these chairs out all night??  Do you think they’d go rusty?


IMG_0932Over to  Best Ugly Bagels.  I’ve been hearing about this place for ages, especially through my sisters bestie, apparently works at the ad agency next door (Is that right Cheryl, the Manager told me so?)

Because I’d already stuffed my face with Charlie’s cookie at Scratch I made a promise to come back and in return they gladly let me take a photo of the baker and manager.

it was very cool in there with its industrial styling, the usual cool lights.  Scott the Manager (correct me if I got the name wrong) was friendly and was happy to fill me in on the details, but I’ll save that for another blog on another day.

So yes tomorrow, we’re off to La Fourchette for lunch tomorrow, I’m looking forward to this one.

Sa x

  1 comment for “City Works Depot – Spoilt for Choice

  1. cheryl
    24 September, 2013 at 8:11 am

    Best Ugly is sooooo good! Do you mean me working next door? In my dreams! ha! Still, worth the trip for such great bagels though!

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