The great Cro-nut Obsession!

IMG_0039It all started a few weeks ago at end of the netball season celebration.  “Have you tried a Cro-nut” Jo, one of the other mums asked me.  “A what??”, I asked in bewilderment?

Well it turns out, in true Scott and Jacqui style (of the Kohi Cafe, Bar, The Store, Takapuna Beach Cafe, Richmond Rd Cafe, Rosehip Cafe, Otolyana blah blah dynasty) they have started producing Cro-nuts, a donut-crossiant hybrid (or so i’ve been told).

Taken I believe from a guy in the states, who has even trademarked these lightly sugared creations.

I’ve been discussing these beasties with Kevin and Janet at my local workday haunt, Volt Espresso.  Kev had been trying in vain to get Cro-nuts (or as my spell checker wants to say ‘crop nuts), but the producer just kept selling out. Kevin didn’t give up though, he carried on his efforts in order to satisfy his loyal following.


IMG_0038It didn’t take long, he must have bugged the hell out of them because lo and behold on Monday night, what should I see on facebook?  Only Kevin putting it out there they would have these babies in store in the morning.

Me being attached to my iPhone, received the notification and immediately requested one to be put aside for me.  So this morning, there it was waiting for me all bagged up (along with 52 other ‘requests’ to put theirs aside, and I thought I was special!!).

So what do I think?

On first impression I did kinda wonder what all the hype has been about, I mean it looks just like a sugar donut.

But when I cut into it I could see what they mean about the hybrid of croissant (said with a french accent, he he).  There was a tiny bit of a vanilla type of cream stuff on the inside, not a fat inducing amount as I had imagined. My visions of my arteries being clogged up and globs of fat racing through my blood dispelled when I saw a tiny bit no more than tablespoon if that amount ooze from the donut, oops forgive me “Cro-nut”.



What did it taste like?

At risk of sounding wanky, it actually reminded me of the old school donuts we used to get.  You know the long, cream filled ones (real cream, not mock) that were dusted with icing sugar.  When they were fresh they were beautiful.

Ahhhh, memories of me at primary school, friday lunchtime, bought lunch day, a donut and a pie.  True bliss….no wonder I have issues with saying no to fatty foods as an adult!

My only regret I have i that I shared it with the kids, should have saved it all for myself!

Tonight ‘he who earns most of the money’ and I are off to Depot for dinner.  I’ve got sliders on my mind, and we could do with a night out just the two of us.

I’ll take some photos, though I’m sure you all have probably tried Depot at some point, but just in case you haven’t…….

Sa x


  2 comments for “The great Cro-nut Obsession!

  1. Merry Smith
    11 September, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    I’m dying to try one,know what you mean about the old long donuts, they were lovely. I know I’ll get addicted though, so hopefully they won’t come to a shop near me.

    • 11 September, 2013 at 6:50 pm

      Come meet me one day and I’ll get Kevin and Janet to put two aside for us. xxx

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