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So this is the latest cafe I managed to find the time to stop at for a bite.  I can see a serious pattern starting here, I’m eating away my renovation funds aren’t I?

IMG_0883I do it all for the sake of my art!  Scoff, cough, splutter!  Tosser words right!


It’s not the food that pulls me into these cafe’s, it’s the interior design.

Check out these cool features, the beautiful colours, just the general feel of being thrown together, though I’m sure there was some systemized planning that took place.



I went into Mojo a week or two ago for a birthday lunch for ‘he who earns most of the money’…unfortunately that morning I had left my wallet in my other handbag and he was forced to pay.  But hey, it all comes out of the joint account anyway!

The coffee was great, food was pretty good, I had pork belly, I think he had fish, it was the atmosphere of the place that I liked most of all!  A buzzy vibe was going on….

Most of you know Mojo owner’s have 5 cafes in Auckland, 4 in the CBD and 1 in Newmarket plus they also are in Wellywood and Dunedin.

Would I go back?? yes, the girls working there were sweet and eager to fill me in on a bit of background, oh yes, the coffee was almost as good as Volt next door!

Sa x

Check out some of their cool fit out…. 



IMG_0878 IMG_0875IMG_0879


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