Almost at 20,000 Visitors!


Wow, a good friend has just so kindly pointed out to me that I’m almost at 19-20,000 visits!

Yes that does make me happy, I know someone out there, probably my friends are reading my blogs and hopefully enjoying them.

What have I been up to?  Well in between work, children and coffee’ing with some of my lovely friends, I’ve been searching for slats for the new oldest childs new ‘old’ bed.  Its pretty hard to find something when you don’t have the exact measurements, I think I’ll have to hold tight and wait till it arrives.  The antique dealer tells me the courier will pick it up on Thursday, but it won’t reach us until sometime next week.

Whats is it going to be doing in that time?  Popping over to England to visit the new royal baby?  Surely it doesn’t take that long, I’m freaking a tad somewhat that it’ll get damaged on the way here.  Hmmmm I should enquire about transit insurance I suppose?  Is the bed worth enough to bother?

Anyway, I had lunch with ‘he who earns the money’, well that’s a bit redundant since I started back at work, it’s now ‘he AND she who earns the money’…and enjoying earning it I am.  I got my first pay on Saturday and it already went on clothes, a birthday pressie and a new car key for my car ($400!! would you believe!).

I’m already hanging out for the next one at the end of the month so I can perhaps shout myself a new duvet cover and cool yellow chevron towels that I’ve seen at Country Road…hmmmmm calm down Sarah!  So much for ‘lets save it all honey’, which was my big selling point on going back….whoops…next one maybe?

So what I was going to say was, I was taken to lunch at a Cafe by work with ‘he who earns most of the money’ last week and dutifully took photos and chatted to the lovely girls there.

I promised them I would write about it and have yet to live up to my end of the bargain!  So that will be my task over the next few nights….gotta give you something to come back for right??

Sa x

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