A bed is a bed, is a bed….

I admit I’ve been slack, sorry, but I’ve been busy and didn’t see the point in writing about nothing much.

Oops, you probably think, after reading my latest chat that’s exactly what I’m doing!

As our renovations are on hold while we rethink our entire plan (yes we are seriously close to getting new plans drawn up, after obtaining council consent on our current plans, we’ve fallen in love with the gallery hallway and living/bedrooms pavilions idea I saw last month at a property in Herne Bay).


And since we have a mishmash of extra rooms that are empty and unloved, we have decided to add a couple of foreign students to the mix, I mean you all know I’m a social kinda girl.  What better way to be social than having lovely young students to get to know.  Girls only of course, and yes we have done this before, and yes we are mad!

It would have been 4-5 years ago since we had foreign students and I’ve gotta say the kids loved having the different girls around.  For the 9-year-old it was like having a new big sister every 6 weeks, she was in a constant honeymoon period….just as the shine wore off, there was a new one to get a crush on.

For me it encouraged us to get out and about showing them around our sparkling city, seeing the city through their eyes.

Where did the a bed, is a bed is a bed statement come from?  You would have started to get it by now, given our upcoming lodgers, we’ll need to play a bit of musical beds….switching beds around so it all works seamlessly.

I figure a student will be happy with a king single bed, whilst my oldest gains a double bed.  Child 1 has happily agreed give up her king single bed in order to obtain a double bed.  The only catch is if the grandparents stay over she has to decamp into her brothers bunk bed….a horror she is already protesting against, though I would say it’s hardly a hardship as they are unlikely to stay less than once a month.

So after looking for 6 weeks for a lovely bed fit for the 9-year-old who often rules this house, one that she would grow into, I finally spotted this beauty online.  The only catch is its in Christchurch!


As you can see its got a couple of major flaws:

1. No slats

2. No mattress.

I figure the first one is easy to fix, I’ll go down to Bunnings or Mitre 10 with the exact measurements and get the guys there to cut me some pine planks to fit…sounds very primitive I know, but most slat beds have pine slats, not flexi slats.  In fact her current bed has just these.

The second part is proving to be a bit harder, I mean there are so many choices of mattresses out there, pillow top, coil, spring, geeze what to get!!!!  I think i should wait until the bed turns up and then check my measurements are right before ordering a good one.  Any advice on mattresses would be greatly welcome.

My other worry is, I’ve bought this sight unseen, I’ve put my fortune in the hands of the gods, I hope there are no more earthquakes and this bed arrives looking as good as it does in the photo.  I know I’m being worryingly optimistic, but with positive feedback of over 5,000, surely these guys have to be fairly honest traders.

I’ll keep you posted on when it arrives and will let you know what it looks like once its all set up.  254155783The 9-year-old is now redesigning her room, something I’m thinking could be a trial run for the new bedroom next year, she desires a chair for the corner of her room and New York scene wallpaper on the wall behind her new bed, I really should stop her watching ‘House Rules’.

Sa x


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