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20130805-131511.jpgOn my second week back at work, I surprised myself on Sunday by looking forward to work today.  It was a very strange sensation as I clearly recall gagging to finish up last year in order to spend more time with my baby birds.

Long may it continue!  Its been lovely being back in the old office again, everyone has been friendly and welcoming and as I told a friend, I was particularly looking forward to returning to the world of spreadsheets (ask me again in 3 months if I feel the same way).

IMG_0857As usual, I digress, I’m sure you may want to hear my work musings, but needs must and as my darling friend Mary, who requested yesterday I just ‘write about the damn cafe!’, excuse my bastardisation M, I know you would put it much more succinctly.



This little cafe, called Volt Espresso, opened 3 weeks ago, perfect timing for my foray back into the working world of Newmarket.

Volt is owned by Peter and Maree Grant who are boutique roasters based in Waitakere.  Roasting under the same name, I’ve come across the Volt coffee brand in a local cafe and have found it delicious.  Kevin (left), made me a lovely strong trim flat white that was perfect, keeping me awake in front of my computer this afternoon.


Janet and Kevin both have loads of experience working as baristas, (lucky us and lucky Volt for finding them).


When I wandered past today, Kevin was standing outside and without hesitation he greeted me as though he knew me (I like to think he remembered me from my visit late last week, just say ‘yup, I’m right Kevin’).

I’d give them a 5 out of 5 for friendly, welcoming service which I strongly believe rank up there in my ‘returning barometer indicator’ as much as good coffee and an interesting interior does.

IMG_0859It’s hard to believe Kevin has two young children and one is a baby, he does not look like the sleep deprived daddy ‘he who earns the money’ was.

Lovely Ms Janet has the coolest tattoo on her neck, I couldn’t stop looking at it as she told me about how she used to own her own cafe in Henderson and now gladly makes the trip into Newmarket early to open at 6.30am, now that’s dedication!!!  Kevin relocated from Welly where he ran another cafe for 5 years, all to help open this shop!  Now you see why Volt are so lucky having such great staff!!!!

Open 6.30am – 3pm, 5, poss 6 days a week @ 110 Carlton Gore Road, right across the road from Jones the Grocer or if you like, behind the Newmarket Pools/Movie theatre.IMG_0860

IMG_0865Come check it out if you’re in Newmarket during the day, just for a chat, a great coffee, perhaps a gelato….

Sa x

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  1. Shelley
    8 August, 2013 at 9:18 pm

    Looks fantastic Sarah! I’ll have to come in and meet you for coffee one day.

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