Yes I’m alive and kicking

20130802-065631.jpgI’ve been conspicuously quiet this week…

It’s all in the name of work, as you know I’ve been back in the land of biscuits. Sweet biscuits, crackers, chippies, muesli bars and the like.

Would you believe I haven’t let any of it pass to my lips! A feat if ever there was.

I thought I’d put this picture up, do you remember these??? I made it for Charlotte and then had a nice shouting ‘chat’ over our new phone…it lasted about an hour before the string had been pulled so tight it popped out leaving a hole the size of a 5cent coin.

On another note, there’s some really cool little cafes around the cnr from my office. I’ll skive off today to take photos of and put up to show you. They have somehow popped up in my year away from the office, replacing an old car mechanics, much prettier I’ve gotta say….

Ok, time to get myself glammed up for the biscuit boys……
Sa x

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