Holidays and work…..

It was going to happen at some point, and as we’ve put the renos on hold for a wee while it happened sooner than I thought.

My old work Griffins, contacted me last week asking if I’d be interested in coming back part-time.  What awesome timing, after a whopping great car repair bill, I was feeling rather fiscally disappointed.

It is the perfect job for me with part-time, flexible hours, meaning if I have to run away to one of the baby birds various activities I can (and that was from the mouth of my manager).  How cool is that! Lucky me being offered such flexibility and best of all it’ll be just until xmas, so I’ll be off to spend my summer lounging at the beach with my babies and friends!  yipeeeee, life isn’t so bad is it!!

This week is the second week of the school holidays and on Friday, the last day of school we headed of to Langs Beach, about 90mins north of Auckland.  It has a stunning, white sand beach and what surprised me the most was how quiet it was!  Us and the people 2 doors up were pretty much the only people up there!

I’m guessing everyone was away skiing instead or waiting until the second week of the hols as this week it’s very quiet around home (or at least that’s what ‘he who earns the money’ tells me.  I think he’s angling for a trip away, I’m thinking about a long weekend, he can ski with our oldest while I play in the snow with the two babies….

IMG_4284 IMG_4285

IMG_4288IMG_4287We had an awesome view from the living room/kitchen of the house, sun from the moment it came up until when it set!

The above photos are Langs Beach…looks like someone had fun ripping up the sand!

Our kids on our first day decided to paddle in the water, with the oldest falling in, soaking herself through.  She started a revolution and soon all but one were doing the walk of the wet and cold home to the bach.














While we at Langs, we went to this place called Pizza Barn.

Very cleverly put together it was a childs midnight nightmare, full of mismatched furniture, tartans and stag heads, I had to take loads of photos as I knew you’d all enjoy seeing them…I’m sure the staff thought I was some kind of stalker, or perhaps I was stealing their ideas….


Imagine waking up to this guy!!!








Pizza Barn had this really cool ladies loo that had butterrick patterns stuck to the wall as wallpaper….nice 80’s style!








Check out the old typewriters, the kids had a hard time believing that people really did type on these things only 40 years ago (if not less).

Right time to go, my 9 year old is waiting to bake with me and my mind is on other things, such as buying a new pair of boots for work next week.  Hmmm think I’ll wait until the baby birds are back at school to go shopping.
After all a girl must look her best, right? 

Sa x

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