My first stop in the morning…


IMG_0732Every morning before the sun rises, I drag myself and whichever child is up down to the beach to walk my fur babies…

Often wearing my pj’s (I sleep in trackies often) with gumboots, my first stop is the little ‘drop in’ cafe conveniently located half way between home and the beach.

A mere 50 metres from home, its become a dangerous addiction….the staff know me well and shout greetings to the whole family.  Its part of what makes me love where I live, how many people can get coffee and yummy treats and a quick chat so close to home???

You should see the parking outside this place, it is crazy filled with cars (as my fellow locals know).  I’m so pleased I don’t have to park there, though I have been known to stupidly attempt to stop there on my way out (and I’ve ended up parking back in my own driveway).


IMG_0728 They have the yummiest food here including Gelato that owners Scott and Jackie even went to Italy to learn how to make.  Now that’s what I call dedication.








If you decide to visit, make sure you come either really early or a bit later to miss the rush. From about 8.30am-11pm it is manic there!!  Everyone wants a coffee to take to the beach!

Update on Me!

Its been a crazy week here in my household..mainly for me.  I’ve been housebound most of the week save for a lovely friend helping me out by driving me around.  My car died and a small fortune later, I finally got it back yesterday!  I was offered two full-time contracts which I did think seriously about.  But I have decided against working full-time as my youngest baby bird starts school early next year and I really want to be there to settle her in, just as I was for the other two.

We’ve also decided to hold off on the renovation until next year as it was all getting a bit rushed and carried away.  This way we can start choosing products, colours etc without ending up picking the wrong stuff in haste.  Something which I know I can easily do.  I think by holding off and taking our time the process will become so much more enjoyable, and hey whats another year in the scheme of things!

On that note, I spent the whole of Thursday rearranging my kitchen/dining/lounge, I figure I may as well make it feel a bit nicer if i’m stuck with it for a while longer.

This is how the room looked before….



After…(didn’t buy anything, just worked with what I already had)



When the old fridge died last year, we decided to replace the old with a new big french door for the new kitchen, little did we know we would be delaying the kitchen….So the wine fridge is in the old fridges home (a vast improvement I think, priorities right?), i’ve had to disguise the back of the fridge with an ikea unit, work pretty well I think.

So whats the verdict?  Is it an improvement? PS. Had to throw a pict in of my beautiful boy!

Jules, I’ve put larger photos up on ‘My Renovation’ > ‘Before and After Photos’ for those that might like to see larger ones.

Sa x

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