School’s almost out….

School Holidays July 2013It’s that time again that fills some of us with dread, but me relief and respite from the mundane-ness (is that really a word) of school lunches, after school activities and washing uniforms…

Public school holidays run blissfully from next week 13 – until 28 July.

There was a little Council flyer that arrived in my letterbox giving the low down on some activities but i thought I’d share a couple of my fav things to do when I’m hanging around in Aucks with no-one to play with.

One of my most favourite past-times is visiting the Winter Gardens at the Auckland Domain.


Designed in the 1920’s, its worth chucking the kids in the car for.   I did just that last week and took my baby birds along after school to get out in the brisk winter air to check out the large goldfish and muggy glasshouses.

My darling children being the adorable creatures they are, were mobbed by asian tourists.  The charmers they were knew how to pose and stand very still while smiling the biggest catalogue ready’ smiles possible.  This would and did ensure they would be the subjects in many photos to be taken back to China.

Mind you it was nothing new to them as it used to happen on a daily basis in Singapore, Catherine and Kerrin, you know what i’m talking about.  And yes I know, ‘he who earns the money’ and I breed beautiful children (if i do say so myself..he he he).  


The Winter Gardens hold two hothouses and a Fernery, much like a mini bush walk.  image_20_3A massive goldfish pond in the centre of the three continuously pulled my 6 year old back to it like it had a rope and pulley around his waist.  I’ve gotta say I was pleasantly surprised to see so many visitors there at 3.30pm on a Tuesday afternoon, but I guess as it is Winter and the sun was shining, people were making the most of it.

While you’re out there you should check out the whole of the Auckland Domain or just revisit it if you haven’t been for a while.  Take some bread to feed the ducks, stop at the cafe for a flat white or hot choccy (whatever takes your fancy).  

Auck Museum2Auck Museum1The Auckland War Memorial Muesum is the other big wow here, have you seen that baby lit up at night or in the morning at Dawn Parade?  It is one of my top 5 favourite buildings in Aucks, so majestic sitting up on the hill, reminding me of an english country manor (sorry for those english folk that I may have just offended).  

images-1Ps. Am I allowed to mention my impartiality to the gorgeous band rotunda where I was (cough, cough) married a wee while ago (really I married young and am still relatively young, seriously).  

What i was going to say before I digressed was the Band Rotunda also hosts summer music sessions, I love lying on the grass with a glass of wine listening (are you still allowed wine in public places these days or am I about to publically get myself in trouble?, and if so, I made that part up for my readers…)

A few quick other ideas?

Moana_2_436x271pxFish & Ships Night at the Museum from 23-25 July, 6pm-8.30pm, $15-$20, that sounds interesting.  They have a Columbus cafe which will be open for those wanting to feed themselves.

Aotea Square Ice RinkAotea Square Ice Rink, its back until 11 August and is open 10am-10pm…Not too pricey for kids $15 and adults $20, or grab a family pass for 2 adults and 2 kids for $55, doesn’t work for our family of 5…

IMG_0709How about walking up in the Waitakeres.  My lovely friend Shells took me panting around the hills up to the Waitakere Ranges.  Its beautiful and has the most amazing sights… its free!

Bike riding around Western Springs, the Waterfront, Wynard Quarter…….walking one of the many beautiful beaches in Auckland, Piha, Murawai, Takapuna, etc.., visiting Waiheke Island,  catching the Rangitoto train to the sumitt with the kidlets…the list is endless really.

Sa x


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  1. Shelley
    9 July, 2013 at 9:19 am

    Fantastic post Sarah! We certainly are so lucky to be living in this beautiful city, with such a diverse range of things to do. Beaches, bush walks and playgrounds are our go to things to do in the holidays. May have to check out the ice skating this year…

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