The Gods have other ideas for me!


I had planned to go out and about and sort out detailed quotes this morning….unfortunately the Gods decided I should spend the day at home….

‘He who earns the money’ tutu’ed off to Cardio Tennis at 6am this morning (don’t ask me what it is, something to do with a racket and sweat), so I got the baby birds sorted for school and into the car with the two pooches in tow…

Turned the key and lo and behold the engine wouldn’t start!  Must be a flat battery!  So baby birds and dogs out of the car and we got some fresh air walking to school.

I’m now sitting here waiting for my online shop.  For those of you that don’t do it, Countdown online is fantastic.  Even though I think the prices are prob not as cheap as in store, I still save money as I don’t impulse buy as i’m walking the aisle.  The best part of all is they deliver it right to my front door!!!  So much easier than dragging a 4 year old around the supermarket!!!

Not much else to report at this end apart from I’ve decided I should move into the bar across the road as i’ve already been there 3 x since it opened last week.  Opps, last night Jeremy the manager had a kick us out as we were the last ones there at 11.30pm last night, my husband is a very patient man.  Would you believe there were 50 women and 6 men!  Hmmmm must be a ‘ladies’ hang out….

Take care, and have a great weekend!

Sa x

On one last note please send me some pictures of some stuff you’ve done around the house or outside as I’d love to show them off to everyone!

  1 comment for “The Gods have other ideas for me!

  1. Paula
    5 July, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Loving your posts Sa xx

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