I think I said a few weeks ago I would put some bathroom stuff up that I’ve seen and have been thinking of for my bathroom.

It’s such a hard decision choosing the right vanity, and though I’ve found there are loads of choices out there, I just haven’t really found ‘the one’ for me.  So I think it’ll be a custom-made job by my kitchen cabinet makers.  You know what, funnily enough it could likely end up costing the same anyway, but its my design!

Sorry, I don’t have any picts of the design I’m thinking, but I can tell you its 1800mm long, wall hung with 2-3 big drawers so the kids can have their own drawers without fighting each other all the time.  I’m even thinking, I’ll ditch my old ensuite (which we aren’t touching at this stage) and take up residence in this bathroom.  I mean why shouldn’t I? Why should the kids and guests get to use my nice new luxurious bathroom while I’m using a shoebox upstairs with a plastic shower and low water pressure.

I’ll have a recessed mirrored vanity to chuck all my medicines in, finally freeing up the kitchen cupboard that holds a basket where we have to stand on a stool to see whats in there.  I’ve been guilty of chucking medicines up and into it without looking…hey, I’ve got 3 kids, who’s got time to organise medicines!

Black and White Star Tiles copyAnd then as you know, i’ve got a wet area where my beautiful black and white french tub and walk in tiled shower will reside.  Ooh I’m a lucky girl, I have waited 8 years for this though!!!  I’ve decided with the star tiles, I’ll use them on the wall behind the bath with black brick tiles on the sides and maybe the stars on the floor under the bath and shower (not the whole bathroom floor) or maybe plain tiles again….that bit I must have a play around with.

Anyway, now I’ve written a novel about my bathroom dreams, I’ll show you some of the stuff I’ve seen.

I paid a visit to Universal Bathrooms and the Michel Cesar over the other side of town and they have some great things.
IMG_0546The first thing I saw was this tap that I thought was an awesome idea for the bath.  The spout actually swivels to the side so its out of the way.  IMG_0547I don’t know about your kids, but mine hang off to spout regularly.  My only worry is, what if I turn the bath on and the spout isn’t over the bath….I guess that’s the beauty of a wet area right?



Loo’s & Vanities

IMG_0545Well I really like these hidden cistern toliets and yes I asked what happens if the cistern has an issue.  Apparently you can access it through the flush button.

These are the vanities I came across at Michel Cesar, they are really lovely and I love the white wood panels behind.  This is a showroom they have just finished at the city end of Kingsland.  It’s really beautiful, makes it hard to choose almost with so much choice.

Michel Cesar

IMG_0548 IMG_0550 IMG_0554 IMG_0553 IMG_0552 IMG_0551


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