A lovely weekend with a fantastic idea…

Hello all,

Wow, what a busy weekend it’s been for us with two birthday parties plus various other activities and one exciting suggestion from a dear friend.

My girlfriend Shelley, has suggested I add a page on my blog with other people’s renovations while I’m sorting mine out. What a fantastic idea Shell Shells…LOVE IT, and am going to do it, kicking off with Shelley’s recent new kitchen.  I owe you big time!

If anyone else is keen for me to showcase their renos, has before and after picts, just message me at mylittlehouse@hotmail.com.

Yesterday, on our way to the shore for a bday party, we drove past the Parnell Baths and saw a huge crane being readied to hook the final piece of the puzzle up to the new bridge!  IMG_0379Yippeee, this means no more having to drive around past the Rose Gardens to get to the Baths this summer.  We always used to park on Tamaki Drive and walk over the bridge, but when the council decided to upgrade the 50-year-old plus bridge that which was well past its use by date, we were stuck making the 10 minute extra drive (shock horror!) for the summer.

The new bridge looks awesome, the engineers contracted by Auckland Council have done a fab job getting the look right.

IMG_0372I bent the ear of the lovely looking young engineers and discovered some random facts, someone might be interested in.


This new bridge set the council back by a mere $4.5million, the new stairs alone weigh 8 tonne…


The stairs were hoisted up with the massive, booty big crane and winged through the air over the train tracks to above the Parnell Baths.


Check out the view from the top of the bridge.  It’s a stunner!

IMG_0389 IMG_0387 IMG_0384

Sorry to disappoint you by the state of the Baths, but had to add a couple of shots there to show you how scungy the look over the winter.  How long till summer now? sigh……
IMG_0419As we were walking back to the car there was this guy lying in the rocks sunbathing, we had to double-check he wasn’t dead as the way he was sprawled out looked really awkward.

It’s the start of the week tomorrow, another week, only two weeks until the school holidays kick in, yippee, I love not having to get up early and shuffle the kids off to school.

Sa x 

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