What a day!

This is what I saw when I went out first thing this morning…..



Has a lovely coffee after baby bird drop offs, then returned home to see my front door wide open….I am the only culprit and luckily the beasties were locked on the upstairs deck. Nothing taken, shows what a reasonably safe neighbourhood we live in….or just that I was lucky this time!!

I’m now having a treat. A treat at my fav hairdressers Style Counsel in Newmarket where the lovely Shannon is doing his best to cover my greys, premature I must say!!!!

Geeze it was a pain in the arse driving here roadworks all over the place in Newmarket….

20130625-124237.jpg  20130625-124245.jpg  20130625-124252.jpg

I’ll pop back with a photo of my gorgeous hair do when it’s done…..nothing like getting your hair done to help you feel better right???? I’m on antibiotics for the sinus infection, though my lovely doctor said yesterday not to fill the script unless I really needed to, well mamma needs drugs!!!

Sa x

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