“Bolt of Cloth” my latest fav…….

IMG_0570Here it is….the shop I was so mysterious about, but wasn’t really….its not like I was trying to be sneaky, it’s just that I was tucked up in bed with my elecky blanket on while writing up yesterdays blog.

in bed feeling sorry for myself for catching my youngest baby birds cold…..hmmm but it’s just soooo hard not to kiss her beautiful face!  I mean look at her!  LOOK at her!
I can totally understand the poor childs grumpy behaviour last week.  A light bulb of understanding has gone on, and now I just feel like a meany pants for chiding my usually sunny natured child for her grouchiness.  You see last week we were housebound with her illness and then this week has been my turn.

However, I managed to put my acheyness to one side and head out on Tuesday to visit Bolt of Cloth and take photos to show you how lovely this shop is.

Bolt of Cloth is the brainchild of Christchurch based Suzannah Tonascia.  Well travelled Suzannah opened her first store in Christchurch, late 2009, when she discovered a serious lack of places to buy contemporary fabrics and furnishings in her home country of NZ.  With an amazing eye for design, Suzannah wishes to make it ‘unintimidating and fun to get things done for your home, whatever your budget’.  I mean how good is she!!!  Suzannah is passionate about showcasing kiwi designers, I just love people like this who are not afraid to introduce new talent and give aspiring artists a chance.
IMG_0561With the opening of her first Auckland store this month, Suzannah and her team bring to Newmarket a gorgeously

appointed shop.   Her fabulous staff had a ready smile for me while demonstrating passion and knowledge for the beautiful fabrics to be had.


Suzannah tells me they always wanted to open an Auckland store, however with the ChCh earthquake they were ‘a bit side-swiped’ to say the least I’m sure…….

Newmarket for them is not only a great place to shop, but makes it easy for out of town people to visit.  Believe me this shop location was taken very seriously! They searched for the ‘right’ space for a long time.  And oh did they get it right here.  Based in an old warehouse with a really cool courtyard, this shop has a contemporary funky feel to it, reminding me of Ponsonby Central, Imperial Lane and Elliot Stables, all very cool old brick warehouses which have been brought back to life and into the 21st century.  The alleyway will soon also be home to an art gallery moving up from Parnell, adding to the ‘arty’ feel of the laneway.IMG_0568

In this store you’ll be able to find a reasonable selection of fabrics on the bolt from designers such as Marimekko (my fav), Ink & Spindle, Echino and Alexander Henry.  If that’s not enough for you or you can’t make it into the
store, you can get online to their website
IMG_0556www.boltofcloth.com and check out their samples and order online.  You can even choose from the option of having it couriered to you or for a small fee ($5) pick it up in store.  How cool is that!

Twice in one day…..

I had promised on the morning of my visit I would take my oldest, Isabella, the arty child for a visit after school.  True to my word after my solo visit during the day, we trotted back and found it surprisingly easy to find a carpark.

Once again we were welcomed, and Isabella dished out some of her well kept birthday money on some ‘fat quarters’ – fabric which is half a metre by half a metre (i think that was right, feel free to correct me if i’m woefully wrong).

Inside-Shop2What can you buy?  Apart from the array of fabrics, Bolt of Cloth offer a free one on one consultation and will make bespoke curtains, light shades (something I will definitely order in my renovations for my hallway).  They will custom make cushions, as well as offering a selection of pre-madeInside-Shop6 cushions in store plus home furnishings, all from fabrics you will struggle to find get at run of the mill fabric shops.

So did it get the thumbs up from the 9 year old?

Most definitely!  Remember this is a fabric design shop and custom made service, not a haberdashery shop.  The 9 year old likes the idea of making cushions with  her fabric, but we had to take off to buy the zips elsewhere, a bit of a pain, would be nice if they stocked that sort of thing but I’d rather they used the space for beautiful fabrics rather than the boring side of sewing.  Anyway their main premise is quite clearly that they make up the furnishings for you, though you can buy only fabric if you’re talented enough and have the time and inclination to do it yourself.Inside-Shop9

Inside-Shop5I love comments and encourage feedback.
Please let me know if I’ve encouraged you to visit Bolt of Cloth or if you would like me to visit a particular place……
Over the next few days I’m hoping to start showing you my bathroom furniture….so keep checking back as I get the hang of this blogging thing.

Sa x

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  1. Merry Smith
    23 June, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    Sorry, hope you’re feeling better too, yes much catch up soon xxxx

  2. Merry Smith
    20 June, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    Looks great. I’ll be paying them a visit in the near future. Hope Charlottes feeling better. See ya

    • 20 June, 2013 at 8:42 pm

      Thanks my darling. We must be due a catchup!

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