Newmarket’s latest arrival…….

In my life I classify time periods as BC and AC.

BC = Before Children

AC = After Children

BC at some stage I worked in Newmarket at Lion Breweries.  It was a work hard, play hard environment, where yes, occasionally we did get to sample the merchandise and yes we did have a fully stocked bar that was open every afternoon from 4pm.  At the brewery end of Newmarket it was fairly boring place ‘back in my time’ (sorry had to add that bit for my father) not much around, not much to do at lunchtime except clothes shop and gossip….

AC Newmarket has joined in the regeneration of Auckland with Nuffield Street, Teed & Osbourne Street, full of cafes, designer clothes, homewares and fabrics.  And for the past week fabrics have been on my mind, beautiful, eye catching fabrics, fabrics you just want to reach out and touch, as though by doing so somehow you’ll capture its image that little bit more.

Why are fabrics on my mind?  A while ago I decided I needed curtains.  Curtains for my bedroom.  In my search I came across an online store which has a shop based in Christchurch.  This store had an amazing selection of fabrics usually only found overseas and so pleased with my discovery I signed up with their mailing list and promptly in true Sarah style let something else capture my attention.

Late last week I received an email from the store with some exciting news, they have opened a new shop on Osbourne Street, right across the road from my old offices!  Perfect, a distraction from my renovation sagas, just what I need as I seem to have developed insomnia this last week since receiving our first quote.

Now, this is the part where I leave you hanging, where you will want to beat me over the head with an umbrella (yes umbrella is apt as its raining here today and meant to get worst a stranger in the street told me).

But I’m sitting in bed sick today and want to make sure I get my information right and my photos perfect for you before i give you all the details.   Yesterday when i visited the said store, I promised the lovely ladies there i was going to be writing about them and posting it up today, so not one to break my promise this is my start.  All details will be up in the next few days and maybe I can even make you forgive me for making you wait by enticing this store to offer my lovely readers a gift voucher for joining their mailing list or something…..

Back later, Sa x

  1 comment for “Newmarket’s latest arrival…….

  1. Heather
    20 June, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    Love the blog, who would have thought fabrics could be so much fun!

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