We’ve got the thumbs up!

hallelujah, hooray, yipee!!!  We’ve got council sign off!

Now i’m just waiting for our quotes to come in, eek, I think thats the scariest part of all. Finding out we probably can’t afford to do what we want, and I know ‘he who earns the money’ scoffs at me for thinking this way, but a girls gotta be practical sometimes right?

I am forcing myself to hold off on the shopping side of things until we know for sure the bank says yes and we’ve got our start date.

In saying that I was flicking through my favourite magazine ‘your home and garden’ yesterday and came across my dream tiles!  I have been searching high and low for these babies, I was under the belief I would have to import them myself into the country…but lo and behold there they were for all of NZ to see…


Black and White Star Tiles Now as I have a tendancy to go over board, i’m going to ask my adoring public what you think *he he, do I have any).  I’m thinking bathroom, kitchen floors and over the top of the hideous concrete stairs and patio up to the front door….too much???  I would love to do the utility room, but i’m guessing that really is too much.  Is it???

For me its going to be hard to resist the temptation to add these onto the wall, but i’ll have plain walls in the bathroom with such beautiful tiles on floor.  My impulsiveness would love to have these on the walls, but I will resist and go for plain subway tiles with dark grey grout……

So what else I have been up to?  Apart from loads of birthdays, friends and family (June really is a mad month for us) and sick children, I’ve been meeting with builders, plumbers, electricians and the like…..

Oops its school pick up time, sorry for the quick update, gotta fly to pick up my baby birds.

Sa x

  1 comment for “We’ve got the thumbs up!

  1. Shelley
    13 June, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    Yay for council approva! I love those tiles Sarah. If you have to choose between using them inside or outside, I’d go with inside (-:

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