One down, one to go….

It was the 6 year olds party on the weekend.

You would have thought 12 children for two hours would be exhausting, I’m surprised to say they were pretty amazing!

Perhaps it’s the massive trampoline dominating my garden or the playfort structure, I realize how lucky my children are to have so much.

When I grew up, we had a rickety old swing in the garden of the house my parents rented and then when we moved when they bought we had no swing at all!
At the risk of sounding like an old lady, we had a lot less luxuries and didn’t miss them, probably because there just wasn’t the options available today bombarding us at every moment. Take McDonald’s for example, now that was a real treat to be had on birthdays and the like, now there’s a bloody McDonalds in almost every suburb!

Enough of my moaning! This week has been an interesting one. I had the best intentions to go and check out some new cafes ive had a hankering yo try plus go bathroomware shopping, however my plans fell by the wayside with meetings instead with builders, hospital appointments, netball games and yucky wet cold weather.

So watch this space for my latest instalment…
Sa x

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