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Hmmmm, I’ve changed my theme.  Just not sure if I like it, I mean, i like the bright colours, but wish I knew enough to know how to change the font to something more me.

Anyone who has a clue, please fill me in!

I have been a busy girl, I recently gained a year which coincided with a fab weekend away with a fab group of women in Melbourne.  It really was a weekend of eating fine food at amazing foodie restaurants.  We went to Grossi, Sarti and The Argyle (think thats what it was called).  We tried to karaoke, to little success, ending up in a strange warehouse like building on the second floor where every man was much shorter than me!  It was very strange to leave my lovely, but very noisy family behind and spend one day by myself before meeting up with the girlies.

I surprised myself my feeling a tad lonely as I wandered around Melbourne on my first day, though by the end of the day i felt strangely relaxed and chilled out.

Now back in Auckland, I’ve spent the week catching up on stuff and have decided to rejig my blog so that this ‘home’ page, is more a general chatty page with major reno stuff under my ‘renovation’ page.

So that brings me to my next thought, we’re in at Council waiting for the approval, but have had the council questions firing back…do I put this under ‘renovation’ or do I chat about it on here?  Hmmmmmm make a call Sarah!

I guess it’s a chat, so here goes….

The Council Plans on our house are so old that they have no storm water details for our site, and as we’re now listed in a flood zone (like half of Auckland), there is word we may have to get a man to stick a CCTV camera thingie down our drains to map it all out for them.  Also they are not sure about our proposed drop in floor level as it will be below the ‘ideal’ height.  I’m sure we  will have to jump through a few hoops, I’m hoping our architect can wiggle his magic fingers and make it work as I just want to get started!!!!!

Sa x

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  1. Catherine
    22 June, 2013 at 8:00 am

    Not sure if she does wordpress but check out Simone from Great Fun For Kids she does blog makeovers

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